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June 09, 2013

members present: Ryan, Hannah, Paul, Gina, Donny, Cynthia, Jesse, Z, Nolan, Greg, Jessica, Viktor,

prospectives: Erin (1st) and Keith (2nd(=) (accepted!)

Officer Reports


Ryan: Lease payments coming!

Hannah, as Membership Coordinator: Everyone has been updated with leases lasting 6 months or more.

The HACA rent raise approval is pending, I will call on Monday.

Gina and Jessica are associates now! Huzzah!

Commons keys- let Hannah know if you need one!!!

Any Questions?

-Is the ladder staying in the common space? -Viktor

Hope not!


Donny, as Maintenance: This has been a good week! We might need more keys for the maintenance closets. Hillary is still doing labor, so we'll get her keys in a few weeks. : )

Emergency laundry room work is being done! There was wood rotting, all the machines were brought out, 2 went to the dump, 2 dryers are still on the property; they need to go too

There is 1 well functioning Machine, I'm hoping to get it in there again ASAP

The drains in there are clogged and the working machine is not draining properly.

There is a leak in 208; no progress yet. : (

Mulch- we has it!


Greg: there is a slow leak in one of the feeds to the washers, causing standing water; and the drain is blocked. I'm hoping to get a plumber, although Viktor and I may be able to do it. Might need water to be turned off, which would be best for a plumber to work on it.

Greg- Electric work- the same schedule I posted is in affect. It starts Tuesday, and there will be no electricity during the day. Greg will repost those times.

More cutting to be done, probably Monday night, to prepare.

Donny: Viktor and Hillary have been washing out the AC units on the roof. There is maybe 4 more hours of labor to do, but efficiency is increasing!

Hannah- Where can we store the ladder…?

Discussion re: security, feasibility, usability, etc.


Paul: Quiet 1st week, I've watered and fertilized the gardens. I need a watering buddy. Talk to me or Gatlin if you think you can help.

Paul requests a #101 maintenance closet key so that he can access the hose.

Projects: Possibly working in creating a greener use of the parking lot a possibility, dependent on city codes.

Greg- Can the weeds and grasses be removed?

Z: We now have a weed whacker.

Greg: Grounds takes care of courtyard?

Paul: Yes.

Hannah: Will help with mulch! When?

P: This week!

H: will help with water : D

P: McAllen buying a wheel barrow, that will help!

H: Use grounds labor people!

Jessica: I can do grounds till I get other labor assignment!

Donny for Gatlin: Can you clarify labor assignments, esp. for grounds and maintenance?

Donny: Discuss necessary items to complete the food program launch, with assignment of action items to individuals

Volunteerism fine for this month! : D

The official plan- Cynthia menus, Meghan buying, etc. specific action items

-Infrastructure -Labor -Tools -

-New fridge??

-Who will do what??

Meghan: I need to get schedules/availability- 3 people M, W & F in July- 2 cooks and 1 dishwasher; please e-mail. Jesse: We need a labor schedule!

Z: Will be figuring out which items she is donating and which she will be taking, so people will know.

Nolan: 2 cooks, 1 dishwasher, 1 kitchen cleaner?

Z: 2nd's

Ryan: We have some food buy-ins, maybe 6 or 7? So we can spend on it.

Kitchen Labor responsible by a Kitchen Manager, not Labor Coordinator

Jesse: Meals starting this month, or next? People paying? Let's do it. There's a general expectation of food this month.

D: The group didn't decide officially starting this month. It was a plan born of voluntarism and self pay for items. (Sim. To pot-lucking it.)

Jessica: Labels are cool.

Also: Until dishes and cleaning labor is sorted out, can it not be individual responsibility? Also, cooks should have an awareness of cleaning. It sucks, but someone's gotta do it.

Ryan: We don't have a cost projection. We need to know our fixed costs, etc.

Jessica: Wanna meet to hash a budget and a battle plan?

Meghan: Numbers aren't really available yet. Maybe $40/night should help temporarily?

Donny: How many people are eating, how much $ we have for July- we have that. That's excellent.

Gina: We have 2 weeks to get a general feel for this. : )

Z: Action Item: Working with Johnson's to get volunteering free things. Possible future discussion: ethics of food.

Ryan should people get reimbursed June? No goes to July

Group work on getting kitchen together? Take off line

Meghan – Enact temp solution to food program for the month of July by making a calendar of potluck responsibilities

Needs dietary restrictions – e-mail Meghan or coop.

Need volunteers for cooking and cleaning.

Every clean their own at this time

Z concerned about her dietary restrictions and need to have food available.

Mon and Wed with Sun being potluck? Send to new business

What is Meghan's intention for Agenda item 2 – schedule, dietary restrictions and something for June.

Han – suggest assume potluck if not notified of cooking dinner by volunteers

Not to be disappointed – buy own food and label.

Gina: Who can do it THIS WEEK:

Monday covered. Wednesday covered.

Hannah's item: Z being gone in July: Charge for storage (200). Gatlin staying in room to make room for Les. And Travis. They understand this as well.

Addendum: Possibly being credited or reimbursed to fee


Hannah: Tech. Coordinator: Internet, Public computers, etc.

14/0/0 Tech Coordinator now exists!

NOLAN, what would you do?

Nolan: Networking for free internets! And public use computers! Long term, build a system where we can do a lot electronically, but it can still be bridged to those who cannot use computers.

+security +coordinating with other committees +Feeds, happy to let you be a part! (Nolan happy to delegate security )

13/0/0 Nolan will do it for now! He will also do a labor description, and folks can e-mail suggestions!

New Business

Nolan – e-mailed; kids were very very loud and concerning, wants to form a committee re how can we set expectations for us and them and the parents. Whoever wants to be a part, please talk to Nolan. Can bring further details and an agenda item for next Sunday with a proposal.

Viktor: safety and noise distinction. Both important.

Jesse: conflict/security etc.?

Hannah: Agenda items are added via independent action.

Z: meeting with parents?

Nolan: What I wanted to do with this committee. A conversation.

Hannah: A mtg. About the kids, what are the rules for us and for you? Being open to discussion and open boundary setting.

Z: there is a La Reunion Slingshot agenda book! Yay! Planner!

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