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March 10, 2013

Expansion / Gault meeting


Meeting at Thunderbird Coffee

Attendees: Ryan, Hannah, Greg E, Jessie, McAllen, Vaza, Nolan, Donny, Galin, Erin, Greg G

Hannah: Ryan and I dropped by the 4-plex, checked it out, ran into someone named Luke.

Hammer out the details for engagement with current residents and a specific timeline as our first agenda item, with a goal of deploying some outreach teams next week.

(the letter is read)

Ryan: should we have the first meeting date in there?

Hannah: Should put the Google Voice maintenance number in there. One other thing, minor wording: meetings have only the residents in attendance – that’s not really true. Others can be there. Also, only members vote. So let’s go for “democratically decided at meeting”.

ACTION ITEM DONNY: Make those 2 changes.

Jessie: Can we pick that date, for the introduction meeting?

Hannah: 5 minutes of thought goes a long way, more goes longer, for public speaking. What about the 24th?

Nolan: What about a weeknight?

Hannah: Prefer a Sunday.

Mike: I can’t make the 24th. Neither can McAllen.

Donny: I will move to put the date in the letter for the 31st.

Hannah: What about a potluck? Substantial food supplied by us, just to be safe.

Jessie: Can we get some potential numbers?

Hannah: If 3 people or less, show up, don’t be surprised. People are busy.

Mike: We can always have another meeting in the future.

Hannah: If we get really low turnout, we could send personal notes. If the group format doesn’t work, we could continue that.

Hannah: Want to put the letters on people’s doors this week. Want to find out who can do that!

McAllen: Possibly be interested. I could start moving my stuff in to my unit and do that as well.

Donny: I can do that too.

Hannah: We should be knocking on doors rather than just putting flyers on them.

McAllen: Donny, can we do that Monday? 3:30 pm?

Hannah: I would like to be there, as membership coordinator.

Mike: We should allow people to move out early if they want.

Hannah: We took that out.

Greg: Something that came up, maybe unrelated: we may have a high percentage of folks already in there, worried about too much high income and the 501c3.

Donny: Shouldn’t be a problem right now.

Hannah: Working out schedule with McAllen. I’ll talk to people tonight. Maybe Ryan can help.

Plan: Greg and McAllen at 6 on Monday. Hannah and Ryan Tuesday morning to clean up the ones McAllen and Greg didn’t hit.

Rent for people moving in.

Hannah: In email, Daniel said it would be $660 per apartment, plus $120 or so for utilities, on top of that. So that’s $780 without food. So that’s what we’re looking at. Utilities being covered: water, trash, gas, etc.

Molly: Internet?

Greg: Soon, maybe a T1 split, but not initially.

Hannah: Deposit of 1st month’s rent.

McAllen: I thought it was a $500 deposit. And there’s the $50 membership fee. Is that for NASCO? Do I have to pay that?

Hannah: Only if you didn’t live at a NASCO property before. Everybody who’s not living at Sasona would have to pay that.

Nolan: What about me?

Hannah: If you paid it before 2009 or so, you’d have to pay the $50 again.

Hannah: Your deposit will be $350 in a room, or $700 in a unit.

Greg G: Is there a fund for security deposits from existing residents:

Donny: Yes – Daniel said we got that transferred to us.

Hannah: We’re working with $660 as the per unit lease payment to NASCO properties. That will be about $780 for the whole unit. The current units pay individual electric.

Mike: The current tenants won’t pay more, right?

McAllen: The $125 really only covers hot water and trash?

Hannah: If you live in a house, you’re under the city. The apartment is paying for a service.

Jessie: We can begin to institute programs that reduce that waste as time goes on.

Greg E: That $120 is part of the rent. Yes? So what is the per room charge?

Hannah: We should round up to $400 for a deposit.

Molly: Pet deposit? How much? Low deposit would be better.

Hannah: Beyond our personal needs, if somebody messed up an apartment, what would we need to make that up.

Greg: The $400 is really a deterrent, you can still pursue them in court if they trash an apartment.

Molly: One is expected to pay for any damage.

Greg G: Considering Sasona’s lackluster enforcement of security deposits, we should consider that.

Hannah: A $400 deposit seems reasonable.

Molly: It doesn’t work that way at Sasona.

Hannah: It used to be $350 (or $250). To clarify: we’re looking at $800 rent ($400 per room), a $400 deposit per room, or $800 per unit deposit. Pet deposit: $50?

Hannah: The rent does NOT include electricity, but everything else. Heads up: we’ll need to raise that to include food at some point.

Jessie: The food thing needs to be worked based on our Section 8 learning.

Hannah: NASCO’s expected payment might be $780 for all the units. We might be more like $850 and $425 depending on how the numbers come out from Daniel. $425 would be the highest we would get charged per room. $400 would be a bottom end number. Cheapest is not necessarily best.

Hannah: We might want to do a 3 month lease under these conditions, just to be safe and allow wiggle room later. A don’t forget the $50 NASCO membership fee.

Jessie: I’d like to know if I have to pay the NASCO membership fee again.

Hannah: College Houses and ICC are NASCO Institute members, not NASCO property members.

Maintenance projects we need to work on after moving in.

Hannah: Ryan’s parents have a couch we could put in there. (Some support in the group).

Greg E: I think it’d be useful to talk about priorities for maintenance projects. There’s going to be more things that we want to do in terms of maintenance and capital improvements. I would put safety, security, structural integrity, then energy improvements. Guidelines to prioritize.

Nolan: Could Sarah and I go by on Friday so we can see how it is accessibility-wise? I’d like accessibility to be a consideration – ramp, door needs to be widened, etc. SO we could get an idea of it.

Greg E: I will be there.

Molly: Proposal about wireless: we can pool our money and put in in the common area.

Greg E: I like that.

McAllen: Would that connection only be available in the common room?

Molly: If we wanted to avoid switching over to a universal thing later on?

Greg E: I would make my WiFi available for general use.

Mike: Are the apartments close or scattered? Scattered (Hannah).

Hannah: Look into a group plan? Anyone?

Gatlin: I can’t always work when there are people around. I work from home. If the Wifi is only available in the commons, that wouldn’t work. I’ll look into it.

Greg G: What’s our current internet bill?

Gatlin: $150 maybe. Confirmed – TW business class.

Greg G: $150 sounds reasonable to me. I would think that could be made available to everyone, who’s already there.

Greg E: It’s a tricky thing. You need sufficient Wireless Access Points – you need to protect them, there’s setup involved. Big Wifi routers are costly.

Molly: Do people have wireless network contracts? This would be a good way to create a common space. People could donate to the wireless for that set of rooms.

Greg E: Initially it’ll be haphazard. We can do it later – it takes infrastructure.

Greg G: The units that already have contracts can be left out of that.

Erin: Us vs. them: If we frame it as a new service that you can opt in or out of, it can be framed that way.

Hannah: Per our contract for people moving in, it’s worth considering a wireless buy-in. Someone will do the homework and send me the information.

What contract are we signing to move in?

Hannah: Sign contracts before we get keys. I sent out suggested contract modification designed more towards the end goal, but it may work for the first wave. It’s pretty straightforward, will add it to the wiki. Legal cover our butts stuff. Labor IS covered in it – on purpose. You are obligated to no more than 6 hours of labor. I don’t think we’ll go near that. Lots of work to be done though. I’ll send out another draft of that. Before you move in, we’ll sign it. Maintenance card to use for making key copies.

McAllen: We can require section 8 members to do labor, at least new ones that move in.

Hannah: Yes, as I understand it.

Donny: What units to we have, and who gets which unit?

Hannah: Field trip! 4 out of the 5 are on the ground floor. 101 (4plex), 103, 104, 106, 111, 201.

Gatlin: I want 201, and sign a contract before I leave for Santa Cruz today.

Jessie: Since I stepped aside for gender equality, I’d like to be able to be on the list.

Hannah: I think you deserve to be on the list of the next set of units. Victor has signed for summer and fall, but he might be able to get out easier. If it makes a difference between that and someone else, we can consider that. I will consider Jessie a priority, but I want every move-in-able unit that opens up, we will have a conversation. We will try to arrange things as best works the group.

McAllen: I plan on moving in in April. Bummer on the timing for me, I needed to find a new roommate quick. Vasa is looking for a room. Maybe? If I can’t find a roomie by April 1, I will have to postpone until May. Maybe someone can move up then to April.

Hannah: We needs contracts signed on every room by April 1st.

Greg E: Megan can move in soon. 201 for me and Gatlin.

Molly: Would the coop be interested in a donated treadmill?

Hannah: Interested but let’s wait. Contracts need to be signed ASAP, but no rent til April 1st, but I may require a deposit to sign the contract.

Gatlin: Can I use my Sasona depost?

Hannah: Yes. Now, is this a CHEA decision or a House decision?

Gatlin: It’s a CHEA decision – it’s their deposit. Let’s look at the Wiki and see.

Erin: Does the pet deposit cover multiple pets.

Hannah: Deposit is PER PET.

Greg E: We’re going to be using the keys AS IS – we could re-key the doors. Does College Houses have a re-keying unit? I’m more concerned about my own security.

Jessie: Is it possible that we could just swap locks around on the units we’ve got?

Gatlin: When you move out of Sasona, you get your money back. I’ll look into a CHEA decision on that.

Hannah: The Board might have to decide that.

Gatlin: I’ll be available via Skype if needed for the CHEA board. “CHEA may use the deposit for any and all purposes” from the Wiki. Maybe we need to stick with $500 for the CHEA level.

Hannah: Maybe the Board can approve the CHEA contract. We’ll have a Board meeting and approve the Gault contract.

McAllen: I’m unclear about how many months in advance we have dibs on the rooms, and I’d like a copy of the timeline when units open up. Whoever has that info can get it to me?

Hannah: I’ve got it. Maybe I could remove the Section 8 info from it before I disseminate it. 2 leases at the end of April, 2 at the end of May, and 2 that are month to month. But just because the leases end doesn’t mean the units will necessarily open up.

Molly: Bridget wants to move to Sasona if possible.

Greg G: There are a number of rooms, but they are spoken for.

McAllen: What’s the answer to my question?

Jessie: Once people who are tenants decide to stay there, and join the co-op, they have priority on staying in their units.

Greg G: The current tenants, do they pay the membership fee?

Hannah: No, unless they decide to stay on and join and renew with us. Maybe in the next few weeks, I might make a flowchart of priority to go down. We haven’t needed it yet, but we might need one soon. My understanding was that the current tenants get priority.

McAllen: I don’t know if my friends want to join yet. In the event the tenant decides to leave, then the room opens up.

Jessie: If they decide to become members, and pay their $50, they could sign before their lease ends.

Greg G: Do they bypass the membership requirements?

Molly: Are thinking about doing hostelling / sardining it? Is that something we want to do?

Hannah: It’s at your discretion iof it’s at your uniut. BUT NO MORE THAN 2 WEEKS or we get residency problems.

Mike: If someone is going to take a hosteller, do they have to sign a contract? What about residency?

Hannah: It would be an expectation that if they refuse to leave, we would call the cops. After a month, they might have established residency.

Mike: At ICC we had that problem with a hosteler, there was no paper signed and it was an issue.

Hannah: I think that was a more than 30 days issue.

Gatlin: Is that any guest, or just hostellers?

Hannah: It’s anyone, and 30 days to allow for communication delays. With the degree of how things slip through the cracks, we need a buffer zone. 2 weeks is plenty reasonable.

Hannah: I need to do some more homework, so stay tuned. For Greg and others moving in ASAP, I’ll try to have it done halfway through the week.

Gatlin: Point of Info: I can’t find the motion in Sasona where that was set. Or the bylaws. So it’s not a CHEA level setting if it’s not there, so let’s just do it - $400 per deposit per room.

Greg G: The security deposit amount changed in May of June of 2009 – it jumped from $250 to $500, so it’s a Sasona thing, not a CHEA thing.

Name that Co-op

Molly: La Reunion after the utopian community swallowed up by Dallas.

Donny: Brightwater and Fireside.

Hannah: Ampersand : modernity, inclusivity. Also Bread and Roses. Union song.

Mike: Rivendell from the Hobbit. Elves, wise, and the Berkely student coops have Lothlorien.

Molly: Tatlin’s Tower. Crushed by Stalin.

Hannah: Phoenix House is a rehab program. Procedural suggestion: we go down the list and vote as many times as you like.

Leslie: Phoenix – rising from the ashes of burned down co-ops.

Greg G: Waterloo . Stephen F. Austin was a real estate developer.

Gatlin: Cognac and Victor.

Molly: Reunion also.

Jessie: “La Reunion” is the winner. We Did It!

Erin: Can I join?

Gatlin: We need 2 meetings. Per Open Membership policy previously adopted.

Erin: Thanks for letting me stay.

Meeting adjourned for checkin and policy visit.

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