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February 24, 2013

Present: Ridley, Gatlin, Greg, Megan, Donny, Jessica, Hannah, Ryan, Molly, Mike

what do we know about section eight? what don't we know?

Hannah: according to this lawyer that greg knows, we need a rubber stamp from haca, but we can possibly plan for requiring labor, and food coop membership if it is separate

Donny: allow for something called a carrying charge, doesn't say can't be food, traditionally a monthly charge additionally to rent that can be allowed, usually used for maintenance, so we have a legal framework, we can certainly do labor, and we might be able to require food

Hannah: still not clear about this transferred, vouchers need form, we should either be doing this now or doing this soon, still not sure if know enough to answer haca's questions, also strong possibility that won't get an answer right away, asking someone who was at the meeting with Andy (experience interfacing with section 8)

Greg: it does take a couple months filling out forms to get the money flowing What is the exact procedure for getting money from the current section 8 residents post closing but before we get the money flowing directly?

Hannah: ACTION ITEM will call haca,

Greg: Andy knows someone at HACA

Hannah: do that and call HACA, will do them both this week, and will ask a specific query that will probably be easier to reply to then vaguer past inquiries

Greg: specific paperwork for coops in the HUD material, but noticied that referred to coops as an ownership complex, not as a residence owned by some

Donny: individual equity or group equity, and we have group equity, greg is referring more to a coop that is condos with individual buy-in

Greg: so there is equity but it does not follow when you leave, definition of group equity, also had a concern about confidentiality, got Andy's advice to be as conservative as possible in keeping it quiet

Hannah: should be in our policies, separate section 8 of house rules, confidentiality should be mentionned in official policy

Megan: do we have a policy if people don't move out and don't pay

Collective: takes a year to evict section 8 residents, but HACA can clear stuff up

Hannah: we know more about section 8 than a week ago and looks like we have the legal framework for section 8 residents to become members of the coop

Greg: residents that are living there now won't be joining coop until their lease expires

Mike: can probably modify existing lease to join coop

Donny: HACA would have some probs

Hannah: add addendum?

ACTION ITEM: Donny will ask Andy if we can bring in residents with either modifying lease or addendums

Greg: we have reached the end of discussion on this for now

status on a loan and financing

Hannah: don't know if Gault has been inspected or not, possibility that this will take longer than the first, he wrote in response to queries about appraisal or closing, loans might take till mid march to achieve and will find out more once appraisal happens - Northcountry loans won't happen till next month, Wells Fargo loans us 75% of what we need, NP covers 10% as a down payment, plus closing costs, we were looking at getting the missing 15% from Northcountry, but Sasona should have enough equity that can get 15% by borrowing against that equity, if it was a little bit short NP can front the extra cash until we get the Northcountry money, and if Sasona doesn't have enough equity…


Hannah: i like ampersand, it has immense signage possibilities

Greg: Jessies idea as want to recognize a community or do we want to have a unique name

Gatlin: want to name it after someone, or recognize community

Molly: Tatlin's Tower!!! soviet momument to the first international that never was created,

Greg: cognac, yale, stanford

Molly: suggests Charles Fourier (Gatlin supports)

(bunch on listserve)

Table this item, naming can wait till we buy the building


Greg: maybe have reduced rent for a maintenance person, should decide if we want to do that generally, McCallen had suggested doing this and has a friend, and think we should hold off on this until we know if we have the money and until we know who the best person for the job, and until we know what exactly the job is

Ryan: since so much space is private space, people might figure out how to fix your own shit

Hannah: seems strange to have only one paid person, observation of a power dynamic this could create that we should stay aware

Molly: maintenance coordinator is traditionally paid, and membership is a modern one usually paid,

Donny: we just don't know until we get there and figure out trying to fund someone until we know if we need it

Mike: couple things, if we gave a discount to someone it could mean a lot of things, agree with Donny, put it off till we know what this will involve, if it takes more time and energy than one would typically expect from a member, then we can consider compensation, but if ordinary amount of effort, then don't, so just put it off till the future

Ryan: at New Guild, maintenance coordinator just has all their labor filled

Donny: different aspect on maintenance, don't know if we're getting a credit card for maintenance expectations, but will find out…

Gatlin: dealing wiht the finance committee on this, its a solvable problem

Donny: just worried about the time frame, if March 1 is closing, then get calls at the same time


Greg: city of austin provides recycling not for apartment complexes

Ryan: make it labor

Jessica: Ecology Action does it once a week for 160 bucks a week

Hannah: can make some money off the cans?

Jessica: can just bring the recycling to a facility

Greg: won't worry about contracting, try to figure it out first on our own, composting worry about later

Mike: trial run for cans, does anyone know if there are trash dumpsters that we have to move around

Greg: we have to have to hire someone to take trash out

Ryan: we can extend the lease with current garbage collector

Mike: find it out and decide if want to change later

Hannah: there is a back alley, prob best place for the compost, maybe bike corral first,

Donny: we should put this off because a lot of changes, might attract pests close to complex

Jessica: might have compost pickup that we can pay for from city

Gatlin: someone's labor could be trash pick up, is there any labor that could make it easier to do recycling

Greg: a lot of apartments just don't offer recycling, because of the cause, so we could keep it locked so only this complex residents can use it

Gatlin: worth it for labor to sorting recycling?

Jessica: like that idea, helps provide outlet for the community, seeing us doing something positive for them, doing something nice for you

Greg: people consider that private property

Molly: trash is private

Donny: we can do good things with this, we can't make a decision about this until we move in, put it off till after march and april

Hannah: interesting all want to do recycling, it may only cost as much as we pay for curbside pickup, so probably won't be a problem

Molly: Ecology Action is a good community ally

Mike: City of Austin sends its recycling to San Antonio for single stream recycling

Ryan: single stream is highly inefficient

Pet Policy

Donny: big change, allowing pets for first time

Greg: should have a specific pet policy, entertaining motions for pets

Gatlin: proposal for pets prospective members should say which pets they have or are getting, call for a vote to accept pets, allow whatever pets but give people chance to object

Donny: definitely want a pet deposit

Jessica: charge a higher deposit for dogs for cats

Ryan: different weight categories, so bigger dogs cost more money

Jessica: many coops also have a vote to accept pets, house votes if we accept pets

Mike: like what was discussed on list, wherever our policies are, the sections should be called pets and service animals, service animals shouldn't require a deposit and can't be legally rejected

Hannah: pet owners are responsible for keeping pets up to date for shots and fleas, and responsible for repairing any damage to common spaces, interior or exterior, and keep them out of interior common spaces

Meagan: are we only going to allow cats and dogs, had a ferret that caused a lot of damage, aquariums cause damage, so…

Molly: pets will be approved on a case by case basis

Greg: is there insurance for pets? what is the insurance for Sasona under CHEA?

Donny: a purchase from CHEA

Gatlin: doesn't cover pets

Greg: pet deposits or fees?

Molly: Pet deposits generally can expect not to be fully refunded

Greg: indoor/outdoor cats or indoor? wants indoor

Donny: have indoor for now, then wait for people to adjust

Hannah: on donny's side so easier to wait to make rules until they become a problem

Gatlin: what will be the enforcement, what is the impact on the community, should do case by case basis

Molly: environmental impact minimal in a built up area for having outdoor cats, so just be cautious about if animals are more problematic than they are cute

new contracts needed

Hannah: happy to tweak current CHEA contracts ACTION ITEM to tweak

Ryan: we are starting a coop, but can't require too much to start with

Donny: ACTION ITEM supply Hannah with a word document form of the CHEA contract

Ready to adjourn: Gatlin will send out a proposal about the pet policy

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