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February 10, 2013

Agenda (copied from other thread)

- Vote in new members Greg, Nolan, and Sarah

- Vote in officer roles, ready to go on March 1st: Maintenance and Grounds, Membership, Outreach, Food and Kitchen

- Vote on actual mission statement

- Pet policy

- Proposal r.e. confidentiality of S8 status.

Gatlin - anyone who shows up can be voted in, not just those added to the agenda.
Hannah - Megan and Maryanne - do you want to be voted in automatically or wait to find out what this thing is?
Maryanne - doesn't have enough knowledge yet to feel confident being a voting member.
Donny - wait a few weeks and then you can decide when you are ready.
Megan - are there other people who want a whole unit?
Hannah - yes. ideal at this point. people need to be able to renew as coop members, but there are several leases that are ending steadily, all ending by the end of September.
Megan - How match the single people up?
Hannah - Questionnaires - make sure all good.
Megan - does want to share a unit.
Hannah - misunderstood that. moving in with boyfriend. If you want to make sure matched up, bring it up, be part of that process.
Maryanne - How is this thing arranged financially? Not boying units right?
Hannah - money is coming from NASCO properties - getting the loan to buy this building.
Gatlin - is a board member, so if you have any NASCO properties questions…
Hannah - also works as a risk pool, in case of any unexpected losses or large maintenance requests. Coop as a whole, in this case, coop and sasona will make payments to national group.
Donny - if a major emergency happens, use the slush fund :)

Round Robin: who we are

circle order: All present Donny, Megan, Hannah, Nolan, Gatlin, Greg, Maryanne, Mike, Molly, Victor,

1) Vote in new members Greg, Nolan, and Sarah

Requirements for voting in new members?

Donny: to join, show up and express interests. This is helping to create the coop and decide policy, not a contractual initiation into the cooperative itself.
Hannah: we have associate positions at Sasona, so people can have any kind of relationship with the coop we want.


(Gatlin/Jesse) Move to accept Nolan, Victor, Maryanne, Greg, and Megan.

6-0 in favor, no abstentions, consensus achieved.

Add Sarah in abstentia: 11-0 vote, consensus achieved.

2) Vote in officer roles, ready to go on March 1st: Maintenance and Grounds, Membership, Outreach, Food and Kitchen

Hannah: Submit Mcallen's name as coordinator for education and community outreach.
Gatlin: March 1st official closing date. By then, we become the landlords of the existing tenants, in legal and fiduciary terms, so get primitive labor situation going, including kitchen, and figuring out system in place for maintenance. Start thinking about officer positions
Jessie: Executive officer, financial officer, communications officer, gives a tighter description, responsibilities are not that much different than what we see on Sasona's website
Gatlin: board and house should be separate, board is legal shield, house is individual for house whereas board is representing more coops
Jessie: two of those house officers will be on some kind of committee, expansion on that in terms of the house, Communications/Treasury/Chair are all house officers > - focus their work on a house level
- also looked at legal, conflict resolution (consensus training, security, meeting training),

treasurer, maintenance,

[no way i have time to write all the stuff down so everyone look at Jessie's email)

nolan - now is not the time, for the sake of expediency, can we just say use Sasona's way for now, probationary officer positions for three months
gatlin - you're killing my child, spent so much time working this out at blackstar

*gatlin left for free skool meeting*

Hannah - we voted for a three month probationary position, expanded officer roles to be a committee for each previous position with a committee coordinator, but wanted to check in with people if we want to go in with this with so few people, or wait to get a certain level of numbers
Maryanne - who oversees rents?
Hannah - treasurer collects
Jessie - pick out the people most neccessary for those first few months
Donny - even without defined roles, we'll be able to figure it out, and for the transition, won't be all that formal anyway
Nolan: love the idea of making this a committee, we just overlooked rent collection, so that nothing slips through the cracks, for first three months use what sasona has for three months, and more easy to impliment this once we are all on site, no one lives there yet, and once we're there figure it out as maintenence where we live vs. maintenence when we're 10 miles
Hannah - the essential roles are membership, financial, maintenance, grounds, kitchen, labor
Maryanne - wait till after the building acquired, have larger pool of people
Donny - we'll have the building and we'll ahve the tenants, won't be everybody in the building in the coop, so really only people already in room will be participating
Victor - we won't be there yet, so we should have idea of what we're doing before move in
Jessie - will post the document, with its categories, that discussed earlier
Donny - not that many people to form these committees yet, so first month that Victor has talked about

Motion about labor positions

(Nolan/Victor) Proposal to adopt labor positions and descriptions of Sasona, expires in 90 days for something new

Jessie adds that adopt only the positions that are essential

Hannah - Mcallen's proposed position is one to add, community outreach is awesome
Molly: add at this point whoever isn't a specific officer will be expected to help, also write down what positions in particular
Hannah: after this, propose names for positions
- Maintenance and Grounds
- Kitchen
- Labor
- Treasurer - big position, deal with rent of all tenants and get those checks to HACA
- Community Outreach - beyond the coop but within the building, then outside the building and in the community
- Membership

Motion to adopt labor positions and descriptions from Sasona

(Nolan/Victor) proposes adopt the labor positions and descriptions of Sasona to expire in 90 days from closing with the expectation of adopting a new system. The specific officer position to be adopted are the ones listed above, with the exception of the new position of community outreach. All those who are not specifically officers will be expected to help others to the best of their ability.

10 in favor, consensus reached

Nomination by Jessie for Membership Coordinator: Hannah!!!!!!!

Donny nominate himself for Maintenance and Grounds

Gatlin: Labor

Greg: finance

Jessie for kitchen!

Mcallen outreach :):):)

Victor nom's himself for assistance maintenance

Molly nom's herself as membership committee member, and maintenance committee apprenticeship?

Mike: Membership committee and Community outreach committee member :):):)

Megan: Kitchen committee

Greg: maintenance committee

Maryanne: Idea of house manager?

Donny: do we want to propose a stewardship and manager position?

Hannah: open to it, but want to see it discussed more and better designed

Victor: Make sure we know who is living there before we decide on who is steward

Jessie: this is enumerated on document

Donny: explained what Sasona has. Good discussion, is there more? we can fill that officer position next time

3) Vote on actual mission statement

We will put two stickers on either two of our favorites or put both on our primary choice, whichever gets the most votes wins, runoff of the two most popular choices

Voted by straw poll.

No. 1 and No. 4 win 1 got 2 votes and #4 got 6 votes

No. 4: To create a cooperative housing community that values and strives to support affordability, equality, empowerment, education and the promotion of the fundamental principles of cooperation, both within the collective and among the wider community.

4) Pet policy

Donny: has custody of two dogs, wants some definition of policy
Victor: how loud are they gonna be
Molly: if we are going to allow children, we should be able to allow pets
Mike: just work it out with your apartment mate
Greg: pet owners are generally more responsible, but personally allergic to cats
Victor: coops should decide on pet desposit
Jessie: look at sasona's policy, context of number of animals
Hannah: Ryan has a dog, Mcallen has a dog, don't know what we would do if we don't allow dogs, support number of capacity for dogs and cats together as 10, and sasona's pet deposit per pet is 100 dollars
Megan: we should have someone in charge if the pet is becoming a problem
Mike: if someone has a pet, and someone else wants to move in, shouldn't be able to ask that person to get rid of their pet, we should also find out how many pets there now before we put a cap on number of pets
Greg: what is the policy for cats?
Hannah: they can be outdoor/indoor, but there is a non pet side of the house
Greg: concerned with having cats outdoors because there is really nowhere for the cats to go, especially with dogs, maybe we should think about having cats indoors
Jessie: probably already have outdoor cats, don't want to impose a restriction that is not in their previous lease agreement
Donny: POA - ask daniel what pet policy already is, Hannah accepts this as an action item
Nolan: cat policy doesn't make as much sense in apartments as in a house, about cats being indoor/outdoor, sense for this policy, lets not make problems until we have them
Greg: concern is mainly about the slaughter of little birds and animals
Megan: I'm outa here
Maryanne: What difference does it make with a total number of dogs since they are all living in the apartment?
Donny: I don't see there needing to be a cap, but there is a limited courtyard space, but there is a leash law in Austin
Victor: cap on number per unit, but not per complex
Molly: lets have a quiet area, where if your dog barks, you don't live there
Donny: wanted to get it on everyone's mind, more of a discussion item then up for a vote

5) Proposal r.e. confidentiality of S8 status.

Greg: that status is considered confidential, as a landlord legally obligated to keep that confidential, they can choose to reveal that, proposal is that is if any person decides to disclose personally that they are section 8, but we as coop members cannot discuss that information amongst ourselves, it will always be their decision to reveal that information
Jessie: when we publish layout in structure, board positions only ones who actually need to know

DR from Molly: we need treasurer to know

Greg DR: proposal goes beyond, information received from tenants should be terminus
Jessie: something we should talk about in terms of confidentiality as a whole, but that conversation if it happens, they are responsible for knowing that the person they might share that might tell others
Donny: everyone is on same page, if in the context of situation someone finds out, policy that that conversation is terminus, but…
Jessie: no not on the same page. we as individuals should not be dictating how that conversation goes, because the information was not shared through the legal section 8 process
Donny: disagree with that, we are all part of management of coop
Nolan: with Jessie on this, certainly don't want to go around disclosing section 8 status, on one hand, we are all managers, but on other hand, difference between officer with access to information or cooper who is manager just by being part of coop, we should be careful about policy situation versus ethical dilemna, if we say we as individuals are managers of coop where are we going to draw the line in terms of liability, need to maintain not a corporate veil but a cooperative veil, distinguish between actions liable taken as individuals and taken as a coop
Greg: this is a good one to consider with a lawyer, if we have a policy that states that, whether we did that as individuals with a policy then we are less legally liable because we made a good faith effort
Mike: on one hand, agreeing with Jessie and Nolan, question we should try to have answered with a lawyer, if there is a difference between cooper as cooper or cooper as landlord, will people on the membership committee be able to know the section 8 status, and if so, will only the head address

Maryanne: mission statement, promotion of fundamental principles of cooperation, if the coop asks people to honor that privacy statement, if that would come under this provision, rather than being something enforced, something that is cooperatively asked

Hannah: like that, very good direction to take this in, have a document of community expectations, how we are expected to interact with eachother, all that squishy human stuff, respect privacy with that, we get into this landlord terminology, we are technically live-in managers, since Nasco properties is landlord, also from work at domestic violence shelter, we should be careful of telling people to be silent about something
Molly: is there a change in legal status between section 8 resident and section 8 cooper?

action item: talk to a lawyer Greg will distill legal questions from minutes and ask his lawyer pals if they can recommend someone who has the legal expertise about housing

New Business

Donny: either greg or hannah give a report about meeting Andi Shively -
Greg: forms for getting payments transferred from old landlord to new managers, there is a lag of time to get that transferred, might take a couple months, handled at some level of closing, vacancies are handled by budget already, but section 8 is not covered, so we need to make sure we are getting those funds as quickly as possible
Hannah: get Daniel to tell us about how to transfer these funds
Greg: showed us the forms, contacted HACA, had a bunch of questions from us to ask them, she explained that our contact there, the number 2 there, is super busy, now we're getting a little bit lower in the stack
Hannah: transferring current income stream, ask about what we can and cannot ask for in a lease, explicitly mentions labor, food, and meeting attendence, and we will have to write a new contract, we may not know that for a few weeks or a month, we will have a built in couple of months, figure how soon have to renew section 8 leases, we have some time to get to know HACA before we renew a lease, biggest thing is getting started, they drive it from there, inspections are pretty straightforward, tenants are responsible for scheduling, and inspection is just their apartment, she also was endorsing the approach of saying as little as possible in regards of Section 8 status
Donny: more new business, started these discussions many months ago, once we get there, and start having these meetings, we should stop using the word landlord, we are a very small part of NASCO, we are a live-in manager role, and a COOPERATIVE live-in manager, we need to avoid establishing hierarchy, we do not need more barriers, there are enough already
Jessie: have an agenda item for a potluck next meeting, will we be able to have a common space ready by that first meeting on March 2, assuming closes on time and we have access
Mike: we have to find furniture for it,
Donny: would like to take that a jumping off point for further discussion next meeting, town hall meeting style explain what a coop is!
Nolan: have it in the courtyard
Jessie: one of the essential elements of folklore is foodways, we are having courageous conversations, we are introducing cooperative ethos to this whole community, beautiful, and its a great message and we want to share it, we need to document it!!!!!
Hannah: thinks about this sometimes, first year went to NASCO institute, went to one workshop that was People Building Plankton, they had a short documentary, goal to talk about - can we have something for NASCO sometime in the future?
Jessie: some of those conversations can be intense, but fruitful for the wider audience
Mike: so are we talking about recording ourselves meeting with the tenants for the first time? not good
Jessie: asking individuals to be part of the process, reciprocal anthropology
Maryanne: in wimberley there are several people interested in having some kind of coop in their lives
Donny: how we screwed up at Sasona - we are committed to conflict resolution and you must go through the conflict resolution process, make that an essential element to diffusing those tensions
Jessie: worked great in Eugene, so should be even more important now!
Mike: we were talking after met with Andi, Bridget now not able to move in, Hannah doesn't want to be the only woman, so maybe we should step back and try to ensure a better gender balance
Greg: smoking policy for next meeting

Donny out

Hannah: not quite a done deal, bank still might deny us a loan or give us a lower loan amount, anxious but hopeful

motion to adjourn, over and out!

Meeting concluded!!!!

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