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January 10, 2013

CHEA Expansion Subcommittee Meeting

Members present: Hannah, Donny, McAllen, Sam, Jesse, Molly, Mike, Bridget, Daniel, Leslie, Travis.

Agenda item #1, interfacing with Gault Residents:

Hannah: My thought is we should write them a letter. I wanted to talk about what exactly we wanted to contain in this letter.
McAllen: I would like to make sure they want to live there, not just tolerate it.
Daniel: We should say what exactly is a co-op, what will change, will they be able to change.

Some of the food and services, utilities etc. may be additional costs. What are the benefits?

Hannah: We should write a letter, seems like we're all on the same page with that. I'd also like to canvass door-to-door.
Daniel: About half the tenants are on Section 8 vouchers. Their caseworkers have to be in the loop with potential membership reviews, evictions, etc. Section 8 tenants usually have yearlong leases.
Hannah: Rants some about social justice.
Daniel: There's also a context of offering moving money.

Action item: write a letter to Gault residents.

*Donny and Gatlin volunteer to take on this agenda item.*

General membership acceptance processes:

Donny: It's already a requirement that prospective residents come to two meetings.
Hannah: I would like us to continue doing Open Membership processes like Sasona. I would like us to steer people by asking them more questions “How do you see yourself participating? What management committees do you see yourself serving on?”
Bridget: I think that people would come down here to Sasona.
Hannah: If Leslie and Travis are going to vote we need to vote to allow them to be subcommittee members.

Motion to accept Leslie and Travis

Hannah motions that we accept Leslie and Travis as subcommittee members:

7 for / 0 against / 0 abstentions

Motion to adopt Sasona open membership process

Should we adopt the Sasona Open Membership processes?

9 for / 0 against / 0 abstentions

Common space:

Should we maintain the 4-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and former office as our projected common space?

Hannah: We may be able to get by without the 2-bedroom unit.
Donny: This building has a lack of common space so the more the better. *(Others agree for the most part)*
McAllen: I'm interested in using people's living rooms at Gault Street as additional common spaces, on a voluntary basis.
Hannah: Do we want to upgrade our kitchen equipment?
Mike: Not sure.


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