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Labor refers to weekly tasks performed by members of a cooperative. The whole point of a cooperative is to empower people with ownership and control of their own house. Labor is how you take responsibility for that ownership. By doing things ourselves we save money, work with and help one another, and learn valuable skills which might serve us later in life. Labor is the backbone of a cooperative.

Labor is love. Love your house and love your housemates.


Coopers are expected to perform at least 4 hours of labor a week if they are residents, and 2 hours if they are associate members. This number may change as circumstances require it. 2 hours of maintenance should be as intensive as 2 hours of picking up trash or gardening, and vice versa.

Tasks are ultimately created by the Czar. However anyone may propose an idea. It is the Czar's responsibility to make sure that which needs taking care of is taken care of.

How it works

The Labor Czar will assign people various tasks to be done and post a chart of this information publicly. It is the Czar's job to ensure everyone is clear about their responsibilities.


Currently most labor is very flexible: picking up trash can happen any time, maintenance work has its own coordinator, etc. Thus everyone has a little bit of responsibility.

  • It is the responsibility of each member to let the Czar know in advance if they will not be able to complete labor on a given week.
  • It is the responsibility of the Czar to review everyone's work and ensure it is being done well.
  • It is the responsibility of the membership as a whole to communicate needs and concerns to each other.

Faux pas

If someone fails to perform an assigned task, then someone may give the negligent member a faux pas. A faux pas is a declaration that labor was not performed, or performed with low-effort.

If the recipient of the faux pas wishes to dispute the faux pas, then the Czar will coordinate a discussion between the two members and render a verdict. If the recipient believes this is unfair, the recipient may of course take it to a meeting.

Note that given the lack of relevant policies on the subject, this is the Czar's personal process. This can be changed.

Make up labor

If you would like to make up hours owed as a result of a no-show, then talk to the Labor Czar in person or at and the Czar will work with you to come up with a plan to make up the hours.


The Czar will keep track of faux pas received. We do not yet have a concrete policy for labor fines. However it is likely in the future that monthly fines will accrue.

Extra labor

On the other hand, it is possible to do extra labor and receive a dues rebate. A policy on this is in the works.


Right now La Reunion has only a few members and we are still learning what sorts of tasks are recurring, what everyone's skills are, etc. Two hours of labor a week is enough to keep everyone involved with the house while at the same time balancing our busy schedules and being realistic about the variety of tasks to be performed.

The mailing list

Everyone who has signed a contract will be on the mailing list. Only members of the coop can see or post messages to the list.

Who is the labor czar?

The Labor Czar is an elected officer with the following responsibilities:

  • Making sure that there are useful labor tasks to be performed
  • Keeping track of who did their labor and who did not
  • Ensuring members are being treated fairly
  • Working with members to make sure their needs are being met while also benefitting the house.
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