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Our Stack

Cooperatives pose a variety of challenges in the areas of provisioning, using and integrating technologies. Here you'll find various tools that comprise our young and evolving stack.


Ansible is radically simple IT orchestration. With Ansible and our set of custom playbooks, we can go from a bare Ubuntu server to a totally provisioned stack in minutes. Ansible also runs hourly, keeping the server's documented and actual states in sync in most ways that matter. A broken server configuration is just a package uninstallation and Ansible run away from being fixed, and if future administrators understand Ansible, comprehending how our servers are configured is a snap.


Docker is a Linux container engine. With Docker, La Reunion can experiment with many disperate technologies and stacks, all while keeping its single server clean, simple and secure. Our core apps will soon be migrated into containers, and we will eventually be able to experiment with self-hosting our own less expensive alternatives to external, non-cooperative applications.


[|DokuWiki]] is a simple and flexible Wiki publishing platform. Using DokuWiki, we're able to post everything from event announcements, meeting agendas/minutes, governance documents and marketing materials in a single, centralized point. While many organizations scatter this information across a variety of applications and locations, keeping everything in one place makes it easy for current and prospective members alike to keep tabs on all of the latest developments in La Reunion.

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