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Tenant Rights & Fair Housing

In accordance with local and federal fair housing laws La Reunion Cooperative does not permit or engage in discrimination against people on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, handicap or disability, familial status, marital status, student or veteran status, or national origin in conducting our business. We take claims of such very seriously and will work diligently to hold to account any person(s) found engaging in such behavior.

We are also aware that circumstances may not make it desireable or even possible to seek resolution internally, as such here are links to agencies that can further provide you with information and/or advocate on your behalf if needed.

City of Austin Office of Civil Rights

Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division (English)

Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division (Español)

Austin Tennants' Council (English)

Austin Tenants' Council (Español)

Tenant rights & protections by Basta Austin

Derechos de los Inquilinos

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