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March 19, 2023


Graham(minutes), Logan, Shelby, Cayla, Kate, Cory, Quinn, Radish, Lynn, Stormy, Karen, Bernard, Leah, McAllen, Phoenix, Chinhae, Russ, Josh, Hannah, Theo, Don, Paul, Philip, Dwayne

Meet and Greet

Snail 2nd meeting - Added to list
Lynn - 2nd meeting - Added to list
Stormy - 2nd meeting - Added to list

Review of Minutes

Minutes from March 12 pass

Wiki Updates & Announcements

Logan - 211 is vacant and ready. 204 will be done soon. 203 is now occupied. Gilbert may be coming to do the 204 door tomorrow.

Bernard: everybody with less than 4 hours will have to start doing that labor starting in May

Leah: Radish and Quinn moved into 203. Jill is going into 211, Chinhae and Phoenix are moving into 201

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Agenda Item 1

(Graham) Karen is asking for a 5 day extension on her lease. It currently expires at the end of March, but she wants 5 more days. Will pay for the 5 extra days.

Karen plans to have stuff moved out by 5th.

Cory: we could deduct 5 days from deposit instead

Vote passes

Agenda Item 2

(Steward) Approve behavioral contract for Shelby.

Josh reads Shelby’s labor contract

Shelby: Agrees with labor contract. Can sign it tonight.

Vote: passes

Agenda Item 3

(Steward) Approve behavioral contract for Tracy.

Josh reads Tracy’s labor contract

Amendments: change the date from March 6th to March 19

Amendment passes

Entire agenda passes

New business

Logan: Wants to install cat door

Cory: It you leave the cat door installed when you leave, its fine, if you take the cat door with you when you leave than we have to charge you for a door

Cory: We have new dryers. Please only use high efficiency detergent.

Josh: we are planning to have a labor holiday on April 1st. We need to decide who will go over there. This will be discussed at Wednesdays maintenance meeting.

Cayla: We will be discussing David at the Thursday maintenance meeting here at La Reunion.

Leah: can you expand on issues?

Cayla: stuff hasn’t been happening

Cory: Hasn’t done the duties he should have done

Logan: seemed to want to take over her duties, generally focused on long term stuff and organization.

Cayla: this will all be discussed at maintenance meeting Thursday.

Cory: David contacted Logan about not doing stuff, Logan thought David was doing it. Cory took over and we got almost everything done.

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