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March 12, 2023

Present: Graham(minutes), Russ, Cayla, Kate, Karen, Bernard, Leah, Phoenix, Chinhae, 3 new people, Paul

Meet and Greet

3 new people - 1st meeting

Review of Minutes

March 5th meeting minutes pass

Wiki Updates & Announcements

Cayla: josh is starting a new job and that’s why they are not here

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Agenda Item 1

(Cayla) Reintroduce late fees and labor fines

Cayla: could not find a record of labor fines being reinstated. Late fines are a good idea

Kate: sounds like a good way to get people to pay on time. This helps us pay all our bills on time

Russ: its a $10 fine on the 7th, then another $10 on the 15th

Cayla: reads website late fee explanation from the page “shit coopers say”


Cayla: we should do $10 fines on the 8th and 16th

Russ: we should give some time before enforcement starts. There is only 4 or 5 people that would be affected.

Russ: if someone owes $800, you are under threshold, no late fees. You must lower balance below $904 by the 8th or you will get a late fee, then another one on the 16th

Paul: Late fees should start in May

“Reinstate $10 late fines for people not in good standing starting in May. Implement $15 per hour labor fines”

Vote: passes

Agenda Item 2

(Cayla) Reduce the amount anyone can owe La Reunion while still in good standing from, “more than 2 months of rent” to “$250” and have this effective with the new budget on July 1st

Cayla: we want to give people some time, but would still lower amount you can be over to $250

Kate: this would help people keep up with rent and not get too far behind.

Russ: So everyone above $250 must be on a payment plan or not be in good standing. People currently on payment plans may need to sign a new contract to get under $250

Vote: passes

Agenda Item 3

(Cayla) Increase labor hour requirements from 3 hours to 4 hours

Cayla: we should raise hours back up to pre-pandemic levels.

Russ: people struggle to do labor at 3, raising to 4 hours would add a lot more work for him. Already spending a lot of time doing labor czar duties.

Leah: People not doing labor are now getting fined, which will motivate people. If we get on people more to do their labor it would help everyones problems.

Paul: supports increasing labor hours. More labor is needed.

Bernard: on labor sheet, some people already have 4 hours assigned, so this would make everybody’s labor 4 hours across the board

Cayla: we need to do this, it will help to get important labor duties done

Bernard: some people do 1.5 hours and no more currently. They would need to do more labor or get no-showed

Leah: officers should work with Bernard to see where labor should be allocated. We have freedom to put people where needed.

Phoenix: We have labor sheet, but no clear way of knowing what needs to be done

Bernard: Some people will cook multiple nights a week, getting 6 or 12 hours, there is some confusion as to what exactly they are doing. Needs to make a sheet that has columns for both the day the work was done, and the day it was signed.

Ninka: needs to be told what to do, would appreciated if there was a list of specific issues.

Kate: Cooking gets you 1.5 hours per dish, so 3 meals gets you 4.5 hours

Cayla: if you know which day people don’t work, you can put them on something for that day.

Concerns and amendments:

Philip: people being assigned more hours will get people member reviewed faster if they don’t do their labor

Leah: this seems like a good idea

Amendment: will start in beginning of may

Vote: passes

New business


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