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February 26, 2023


Graham(minutes), Logan, Ryan, Ninka, Jill, Cayla, Bernard, Philip, Kate, Chinhae, Cory, Paul, Leo, Russ

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes

Minutes from Febuary 19th pass

Wiki Updates & Announcements

Kate: everybody needs to sign lease addendum

Cory: On the 28th there is a meeting at Sasona at 7:00 for finance stuff

Cayla: we are switching to UFCU. Emergency meeting the 2nd at 7:00 to discuss this.

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New business

Jill: Was waiting for 204, but is thinking maybe 211 because that is open sooner. Would like to move into whichever unit is open sooner Also, Jill works with a cat foster program, they have asked us to donate our time to host a donation event. They want people to donate cat stuff on a specific day. Wet/dry food, litter, stuff like that.

Cory: Paul could probably coordinate something like that.

Logan: It has been difficult to get people on maintenance team. Wants to start doing $10 fine for not doing labor.

Cory: next week is officer meeting, agenda items can be added, but we may not get to things due to time.

Chinhae: got Omaha steaks on Thursday, everything was gone within a day. Was hoping that would get used for everybody.

Bernard: stuff in commons is not for one person, its for everybody

Kate: if you want something for a dinner, that should be labeled as such. Maybe a “this is for the coop, not just you”

Cory: one of the few good uses for cameras is that we can identify house members. Whoever is taking a bunch of food should stop

Philip: his roommate cooks food and puts it in commons

Cory: we can have food be more for meals being made or more for personal stuff, we can decide that

Cayla: On April 23rd there is general membership meeting. Will discuss budget at meeting. Everyone please come

Cory: we should have labor holiday April 1st

Jill: Can we rebuild small wall that fell down on north end? At least fill in hole in ground

Cory: we should have contractor do it if we do anything. This is not a priority at the moment.

Logan: when is birthday party?

Paul: Yes, its in a month, will discuss further

Cory: Officer meeting is next meeting

Ryan: do those supersede regular meetings?

Cory: First meeting of month the officers will present what they have going on. People can ask questions

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