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February 19, 2023


Graham, Ryan, Philip, Dwayne, Chinhae, Ninka, Josh, Bernard, Kate, Cayla, Karen, Pheonix, Cory, Russ

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes

Minutes from feb 5th pass

Wiki Updates & Announcements

Bernard: Thanks to Graham for doing a good job at minutes.

Josh: There is bugs in the flour, it will all be thrown out. Future flour should be stored in refrigerator

Bernard: a lot of stuff from kitchen seems to go missing. We used to have a full pantry, but we are bare now.

Kate: keep Austin fed is providing less food, and some people treat pantry like a grocery store

Cayla: most of the missing food is due to one person eating all of it

Kate: will get addendum to leases together for rent increase

Josh: maintenance meeting tomorrow at 7:30

Ezgi: wants to get on labor sheet, has been doing some labor but wants to get on sheet. Probably

Bernard: wanted to talk to people about a member review, wanted to know if David should be here for that?

Cayla: it should be fine

Cayla: updated wiki to show announcements at top so we don’t forget that.

Cory: wiki update section of meeting is supposed to be when a person changes the wiki they bring changes to meeting to ratify final texts

Russ: most people late on rent have talked to him except for one. Shelby has net been responding. Not sure of Shelbys status.

Cory: I’ve seen them around recently

Bernard: Shelby is not responding to my emails either

Russ: next step should be notice to evict, but would like to talk with them first

Cory: we have a template for a sheet to inform people are late on rent

Click to open form

Click to hide form (useful for printing)

Note: $ must be escaped by preceding with a \. Example: \$100

U H​ E᠎ X E

Agenda Item 1

(Steward) Theft of Dwayne's food from the commons.

Dwayne: I get a two week supply of food, placed them in refrigerator, and only one was left too days later

Josh: please don’t take food that is labeled as someone else’s.

Phoenix: people have been disrespectful with using to much of peoples

Josh: ideally food should be wrapped up tight and clearly labeled

Dwayne: Stuff was in bad last time

Cory: a note should be on refrigerator

Ryan: as a worker of food not bombs he can be a liaison between coop and FNB so if any coops stuff gets used they can know about it

Josh: stealing an elderly persons food is akin to elder abuse

New business

Philip: when people use the stove, please clean it

Cayla: we should check on who’s doing DCU, that would solve lots of issues

Bernard: we can add another DCU day to the labor sheet.

Kate: for people that only have 3 hours of labor, we could assign them another slot, just let people know additional labor has been assigned

Cory: if you do any labor, sign the general labor sign off sheet

Kate: We can figure out how to pay for new washing machines. We have people

Chinhae: We are getting a big box of Omaha Steaks on Thursday for everyone

Cory: if anyone uses a grill please do it in the center of the courtyard, not under walkway. Cannot have fire within 15 feet of building

Cayla: CHEA board meeting is Thursday at 7:00. Will discuss budgets.

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