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February 12, 2023


Graham(minutes), Quinn, Brandon(on phone), Dal, Logan, Paul, Caroline, 4 new people, Chinhae, Leah, Ninka, Josh, Bernard, Karen, Kate, Cory, Alyssa, Philip,

Meet and Greet

Brandon (2nd meeting) - added to wait list
Christain (2nd meeting) - added to list
Marcus (1st meeting)
Will (2nd meeting) - added to list
Ava (1st meeting)

Review of Minutes

Minutes pass from feb 5th

Wiki Updates & Announcements

Logan: Jason has been seen here 3 times walking around his old unit, he has been told he is not allowed here he came back after.

Cory: if you see Jason and don’t want to confront him yourself contact Cory, Cayla, Josh, Logan, or Kate and they will get people together to handle situation

Leah: is stepping away for a few weeks starting Thursday. Will keep people updated on when she will be back

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Agenda Item 1

(house) Monthly officer meeting

Josh: this will mostly be about getting people on maintenance labor. This is needed. Operations manager is coming tomorrow morning to do maintenance

Karen: is planting pollinators in front of building. Not sure what will be planted in center. Will be moving out of the coop in April. Wants to remain an associate. Asks maintenance to get jar out of garbage disposal. Grounds are coming along.

Leah: Eske is moving out, someone will move in that unit, and Paul’s unit will open up a slot. Liam is moving into 109, Quinn and Radish are moving into a unit.

Cory: we don’t know how long David will be in 204, we might set him up in the library. David is starting on getting the units livable as soon as possible. Will be gone for a few weeks.

Bernard: Things are coming along. You can only sign up for one labor slot, cannot sign up for two slots each week. You can help out a person on their labor and get credit for it.

Paul: what’s the status of no-show fines. Have they talked to finance officer about it?

Bernard: no-shows get passed to Russ, he deals with it after that.

Leah: asks about Shelby

Bernard: we have to do another member review, sees him coming and going, but is not doing labor. Signed off on labor once, but hasn’t done anything else in months. Put labor sheet on door. Shelby has not communicated.

Cory: It would be different if Shelby communicated but there is just silence.

Bernard. Hannah talked with him about this when she was labor coordinator.

Kate: rent is going up to $480 a room in March. David will come to help with maintenance. Kate will help to make sure we can pay for things. Budget for food buyer is $400/month.

Paul: lease on website says CHEA can offer new lease. Do we need to make a new lease?

Kate: yes it seems so. Will get on getting a new lease made up.

Cory: we can file an addendum so we just change the rent amount, people can keep the dates on current leases.

Cory: we can prorate rent for people move in before rent officially changes so they pay $452 until March. Will sign a lease for $480, but have rent prorated so they only pay $452 until March.

Cory: After finance meeting, everyone will have budgets so we know how far ahead or behind accounts are.

Bernard: needs to do another member review for Tracy, he also has not been doing labor.

Logan: Tracy has corresponded with Logan about doing labor, Logan told him he can choose labor and let Bernard know.

Bernard: has not heard anything from Tracy.

Lyssa: Going good. Smaller budget will affect food. Doritos will probably not be bought. Please try to be specific so she gets the right stuff.

Cory: reads Caylas message. David is coming to fix stuff, this is being paid for by board. Labor needs to be done. We have had issues with litigation and hops we get that done soon. Working on getting finance meetings set up. Tried to set one up before, has a meeting set for next week. General meeting is April 23 here at La ReUnion. Paul may set up a tenth birthday party at same time.

Cory: is getting new bank set up. Is working with Yarrow to get books in order. Getting people together for Quarterly finance meeting. Has to talk to Russ about that.

Paul: Not much to report yet, hopes to throw a few small events per month. Maybe a group birthday party. Is open to suggestions. Maybe an “around the world” party.

Logan: David is coming tomorrow around 10. We need to figure out if he needs to sign a lease. We don’t know how long he is staying. Washing machines are getting done because they have to give up on warranty and buy new machines. Hopefully front loading. Will need to be coin operated.

Kate: we were getting about $300 a month before from washing machines.

Jill: was told they could use free one because it had never been set up. People have been using the free machine for a while.

Logan: with regards to things in people apartments getting fixed, David will help with that. Philips door has been paid for. Daniel paid the contractor. If anyone wants to do labor, come to them and choose labor. Get with Bernard to get on labor sheet.

Cory: we did the giant list of problems on a google doc. This needs to get added to trello, that can be labor. Cory cannot do much labor because has has CHEA stuff to do, can still teach people how to do things. Is mostly only available for advice and training.

New business


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