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January 22, 2023


Graham(minutes), Quinn, Cayla, Karen, Bernard, Josh, Logan, Ninka, Leah, Chinhey, Phoenix, 1 new person, Paul, Richard, Philip,

Meet and Greet

1 new person (1st meeting)

1 new person (2nd meeting, approved for membership)

Review of Minutes

Minutes from Jan 15 pass, with addition of Graham to list of people present.

Wiki Updates

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Agenda Item 1

(Cayla) Clarify in our rules that behavior contract is an eviction hold-off agreement for legal clarification

Cayla: we want the rules to be clear and in the wiki updated so we can show a court that we are doing eviction hold-offs correctly.

Logan: explains behavior contract rules for new people

Josh: can add a line about eviction hold-off to behavior contracts going forward.

Amendments: add “and to also have it stipulated in behavior contract” to item

Amendment passes

Entire agenda item passes.

New business

Cayla: as far as master list for accommodations goes, is there any input from anyone

Leah: hasn’t been able to get her list yet

Josh: will be getting with Bernard about labor going forward. Dropped the guest policy. People kept changing their minds and so they dropped it. Everything is chill now that evictions are complete. Watch out for people visiting Erica’s unit, people will be showing up for a while.

Leah: has contracts for 2 people to sign

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