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January 15, 2023


Graham(minutes), Quinn, Cayla, Karen, Bernard, New person 1, Josh, Cory, Jill, Russ, Dwayne, Paul, Kate, Leah, 2 new people on phone, McAllen, Dom

Meet and Greet

3 new people all first meeting

Review of Minutes

Jan 8th minutes pass

Wiki Updates

Quinn will be out for 2 or so weeks, will give updates as needed

Josh: two writ of possessions have been requested. Ericas has been served.

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Agenda Item 1

(Russ) Discuss: If Habitat for Humanity agrees to work with us, which maintenance projects would we like to propose?

Russ: habitat for humanity worked with a coop in Lawrence, Kansas. Habitat paid for 80%. Coop put 20% of money and did labor. Russ has emailed maintenance person about working with them.

Cayla says at board meetings they suggested insulation could be upgraded.

Cory: 20% of 100,000 is still 20,000, which is a lot. We’d need to have a solid plan for stuff.

Russ: We may not need a whole 20% of money, possibly other grants can pay for it.

Dwayne: needs new front door and jamb, and has a hole in bedroom door

Kate: we plan to replace wooden front doors with steel wrapped door. Need help with door replacements. Can add to Trello.

Josh: Doors, windows, insulation seems most needed.

Jill: wants a screen door. People with cats would appreciate.

Paul: It seems we would need to see what they can offer to know what we can do.

Kate: Doors and windows are needed. It would be nice if we could get help on that.

Cory: Austin habitat only deals with single family homes.

Russ: Lawrence had to work through national Habitat, we would probably do something similar. Habitat can train people how to do do necessary jobs.

Agenda Item 2

(Cayla) We need to create a master list of all accommodations we need for our members, like for those who can't read or can't see or can't use a computer and what they need from us to be part of the cooperative

Cayla: has been talking to the board about this. We should have a list so that new officers don’t have to start from scratch

Leah: we have a member list, can add a column for accommodations.

Leah: we can have somebody add something about accommodations to wiki

Cory: board was going to pass down a list

Kate: do we want to let board write a form for accommodations, or should we draft our own to bring to the board.

Leah: resident list is stored in memco email google drive. This is viewable to certain people. This could be made available to all member.

Kate: there is stuff we need to be doing like sending agenda and minutes like we say. All stuff we need to do should be in same place.

Leah: we all want a working system, we just need to know how to do it.

Cayla: lawyer requested we gather information for accommodations and send info to board so they can verify that we are doing what we should

Kate: board may have a form to fill out, we need to figure out what we should use. Wee currently send out agenda digitally, send meeting minutes digitally. We have a few person specific accommodations.

Cory: we need to assign a person to make form in order for it to get done.

Cayla: we need officers to say what they are doing so we can add to master list so future officers can continue.

Kate: step one is to see what we are currently doing, can Leah look through wiki and see if we can gather all info about accommodations

Cayla: board says a form should be given to new members

Leah: Can work on a packet for new members

Josh: To summarize: we need a list of all accommodations being done and that may need to be done.

Bernard: can get allergy information from everybody. Can ask about any other accommodations as well

Russ: everybody should sign allergy/accommodation sheet

Cory: we will be increasing rent, people will need to sign, so we could do accommodations at the same time.

Agenda Item 3

(Cayla) We need to create a form to inform new members of how to request accommodations

Josh: board should have this form to give to people.

Cayla: we can steal sasonas new member packet.

Josh we can follow up next week

Agenda item 5
Josh reads agenda

Everybody approves

Agenda Item 4

(Steward) Hold vote on new guest policy. Policy will be elaborated on in the actual meeting.

Cory: this agenda has not been posted digitally, cannot be voted on.

Josh reads entirety of new member policy.

We discuss feasibility of enforcing these rules.

Cory suggests guest are held to same standard of behavior of residents. Tenets will be held responsible for ensuring guests follow coop rules.

Leah: should be 7 nights instead of 1 week.

Josh: we need to add that member must do due diligence to inform house about guests. Wants to make sure people are not letting people stay in vacant units. Should be 7 night out of a month. People should have to announce for guests over 3 days. The guest announcements should be votable, so people can bring votes up on guests and announcement section of meeting.

Cory: we do not have voting at announcements, need to have stuff on agenda before voting on it.

Josh: should it be a block vote, like membership?

Leah: this should be an agenda item

Josh: okay, so there needs to be an agenda item created for guests

Agenda Item 5

(Steward) Approve behavioral contract on Jill.

Josh reads agenda

Everybody approves

Agenda Item 6

(Steward) Approve behavior contract on Tracey.

Josh reads agenda

Everybody approves

New business

Philip: Feels people have been acting strangely at him, making him uncomfortable. Has been working with his case manager. Feels some animosity.

Josh: There’s no animosity, everyone is cool with Philip.

Leah: Food buyer vote? Josh says stuff will be posted on door. Events coordinator

Josh: emergency meeting for maintenance Wednesday at 7:30. Jasons writ of possession will be served soon, then we can move all his stuff out.

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