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January 1, 2023


Graham(minutes), Jill, Kate, Leah, Paul, Karen, Bernard, Russ, Josh, Eske, Leah, Dwayne, Philip, Quinn, Dom, Charles

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes

Minutes pass

Wiki Updates/announcements

Josh: eviction court is on the 3rd

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Agenda Item 1

(Steward) Officers Meeting

Josh: new maintenance coordinator is doing good. Trello for all problems is being created
Getting 2 evictions done Tuesday.
Will be going through leases to get everybody up to date.
We will have election for events coordinator and food buyer.

Karen has been cleaning up the courtyard and trimming trees after freeze.

Cayla: Board wants to know why maintenance hasn’t been taken care of. They will be taking more interest in that issue. Russ says we should get help from habitat for humanity.

Kate: Everyone knows about budget. Talking to Danial about maintenance reimbursement and some vacancy reserve. Might not have to raise rent by $50. Budget is still developing. Will ask board about rollover maintenance money disbursement.

Leah: Has 6 leases for people to sign.
Some new people want to move in.

Bernard: will make some small tweaks to labor chart and put it up. Not much new stuff. There is a few people that are not doing labor, but Bernard wants to talk to people before no-showing them. Is working on any issues.

Russ: a few people are on payment plans, a few people are behind on payments. We might be able to recover some of evicted peoples debt through vacancy reserve

Agenda Item 5

(Steward) The over all status of memco and how to proceed with new leases.

No discussion.

Agenda Item 4

Josh - eviction hearing is Tuesday. Is currently in jail for probation violation, so that may complicate hearing. Ninka and Logan are not at coop due to feeling unsafe here. Hopefully it doesn’t get delayed more
Kate: clarifies that josh wants to tell judge if asked, but doesn’t want to tell if not asked. Kate says she’s iffy about not telling judge.
Cayla: law might not align with common sense. We may get in trouble for not telling them
Russ: people don’t show up often, court should proceed.
Bernard: Jason is locked up so Logan and ninka shouldn’t be in danger. Josh explains they are scared as long as he has keys and is on lease.

Agenda item 3

Josh: we should change to two weeks every three months. People are abusing the system.
Russ says guest should need to provide ID and sign in so we can see how long people are actually here.
Cayla says people should have to sign in for stays longer than two weeks in 3 months. Registering guests solves a lot of problems.
Kate: sign in with guests solves a lot of problems

New business

Cayla: Roberto Flores is new community rep

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