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December 18, 2022


Graham(minutes), Josh, Russ, Bernard, Cayla, Kate, Ninka, Eske, Karen, McAllen, Cory, Aaron, Jill, Logan, Tracy, Leah, Alyssa, New person 1

Meet and Greet

2 people on phone for 2nd meeting. Passed

Review of Minutes

Minutes from previous meeting pass

Wiki Updates

Karen: Son will be in town

Josh: court is January 3rd for two people

McAllen: wants to do maintenance tomorrow

Kate: Is getting budget finished. We are looking at 11% rent increase minimum. This will be discussed next meeting
Meet and greet:

Two people on phone with Leah

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Q O W I​ R

Agenda Item 1

(Cayla) Reminder that the minutes must be emailed out in the mailing list within 48 hours

Agenda Item 2

(Cayla) We need to create a master list of all accommodations we need for our members, like for those who can't read or can't see or can't use a computer and what they need from us to be part of the cooperative

Agenda Item 3

(Cayla) Add to steward position, “to explain to new officer their duties and responsibilities”

Agenda Item 4

(Joshua ) EsKae has requested we review new incidents regarding Aaron Sims, their roommate, for potential behavioral contract violations. It is also important to give Aaron the space to explain these incidents on their own behalf.

Agenda Item 5

(Joshua ) We need to review our rules on house guest as several people have been abusing it. We currently allow people to stay for 14 days straight each month. We need to revisit this rule and potentially change it.

Agenda Item 6

(Tracy) New payment plan.

Agenda Item 7

(Joshua ) (Bernard, Russ, Joshua) A member review on Tracey Fuller for violating guest policy rules.

Agenda Item 8

(Joshua ) (Bernard, Russ, Joshua) A member review on Jill of 102 for violating guest policy rules.

Minutes as follows:

Agenda Item 4

Josh reads member review. There is lots of complaints on both sides, wants to get both peoples sides. Cleanliness issue has persisted. Issues with couch persisted. Wanted to separate eske into Jills unit. Aaron talked to nasco about his side. Aaron took his own dishes into room, Eske didn’t like some behaviors.
Eske says she wants get out soon, doesn’t like being there.
Bernard says people should stop going to nasco about problems. Aaron seems to be pushing people out that he doesn’t like. There
Josh wanted to add that Aaron had thought he was getting a whole unit
Kate: asks for clarification on pans issue. Eske says she used some pans from the commons because Aaron put all his pans in room.
Aaron didn’t appreciate cleanliness and burning pan and using stuff and eating food. Has no problems with roomates normally.
Cayla says that nasco can only really help with maintanece maybe. All they can do is kick everybody out, they won’t be much help. Can go to the board for better response.
Bernard says when you move in, you shouldn’t take advantage of others stuff. Went through that.
Kate says that with OCD, this kind of conflict may come up again. Asks if Aaron is okay with another roomate. Should address what would happen is someone else were to move in.
Aaron says he is fine with another roomate, just has issues with eskes behavior. Had continuous issues he tried to solve reasonably.
Josh says we can take OCD stuff into consideration
Russ: says we should have handled stuff better like not telling people about animals. People should meet first. People used to talk to each other before moving in together. People should work to meet people before they move in
Cayla says people have busy schedules that don’t always align.
Russ: we need to have broader conversation about having people meet before moving in.
Cory: its been 45 minute. We need to make a decision about how to handle member review
Philip: some people might not be okay with dogs
Leah: trys to get people to meet beforehand. Will work on dog issues.
Eske: Aaron changes his boundaries about behavior. Will say they can drink water then later say they can’t. Felt intimidated.
Kate asks for clarification on what exactly Aaron is being accused of. Eskes says how Aaron speaks to them. Kate read behavior contract.
Russ says he feels contract was not violated.
Eske responds that they felt intimidated.
Kate: doesn’t thinks pans are a violation
Logan this is clash of personalities. They just don’t get along.
Bernard: its not a persons responsibility to let other people eat your food or use your stuff. There is no violations and we’ve been here an hour.
Russ: people need to vent and meeting help people speak and be heard.
Cayla: people minds are made up
Kate reads harassment policy.
Eske says they still feel intimidated and would wonder about another person

Straw pole

Favor: none
Opposed: All

Agenda Item 6

Tracy says he’s paid 1000$ by following his plan. Will still pay rest off.
Russ: confirms numbers

Vote for payment plan passes.

Agenda Item 8

Member review jill

Josh: Jill had someone moved into room for over two weeks.
Cayla: stuff was not posted by Friday, Jill wants to get it done
Tracy: pickles was voted on.
Jill: pickles was staying there on and off for a while. Should have had pickles get on lease and start paying. Started around ACL. Says she was helping her friend. They were emailing at September

Jill steps out

Straw pole

Do nothing: one
Behavior contract: all
Eviction: none

Behavior contact

No violation of guest policy. - passes

Agenda 7 and 5 are tabled

Agenda item 1

Minutes should be posted in email within 48 hours.
Master lists should be kept online. Board wants this. Lists of accommodations and allergies. Lists of officer duties need to be made. Needs to be worshiped more
Agenda item 3

Steward must explain duties to new officers.
Cayla and Kate clarify the need for officers to have their duties explained well.

One amendment passes

Entire agenda passes

New Business

Bernard: Don’t sign peoples names on the door. You can add name but not signature

Josh: For next couple of weeks they will look into leases for everybody

Cory: we will have to talk about rent raising. Also be stricter about dept. Maybe increase deposit for new people. Lots of uncomfortable discussions.
Bernard says $50 is a lot
Kate explains that all utilities are going up. Gas, water,
Bernard says that is too much
Kate explains its the only way to pay bills. There is no other options.
Kate: we previously had 15,000$ weird project. This is totally removed. We’ve put off rent increase for three years
Russ: says Ryan provided rent increase but it got voted down. We are getting our debt down
Josh: previous budgets used up budget that is now gone.
Karen: we used to have a surplus. No more surplus.

New business

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