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November 27, 2022


Graham(minutes), Karen, Kate, Cayla, Bernard, Aaron, Philip, Blake(new person), David, Josh, Leah, Logan, Ninka, Jason, McAllen, Russ, Dom

Meet and Greet

Blake (1st meeting)

Review of Minutes

Minutes pass

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Agenda Item 1

(Jason) Rescind Notice to vacate for nonpayment

Jason: is going to get his banking issues and employment issues sorted out and intends to get payment sorted within a month

Kate: explains notice should be given on 8th

Russ: explains Jasons non payment history

Jasons explains bank account issues

Russ explains how a payment plan would work

Bernard: asks for clarification on payment history

Agree that we can revisit this at next meeting

New business

Leah: put food requests on board

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