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November 20, 2022


Graham(minutes), Josh, Philip, Cayla, Bernard, Karen, Cory, Paul, Eske, Kate, Jill, Dwayne and dom at end.

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Agenda Item 1

(Joshua ) (Joshua, Bernard, Logan, Jill, Nynke) This is to call for a member review of Aaron Sims from unit 211. They've violated descriminatory house policies against sexual orientation by damaging property of their roommate and creating an unsafe environment. On two separate occasions they've cornered their roommate in the common spaces of unit 211 and failed to adhere to their roommate asking for them to please step away.

Initially Aaron Sims was given emergency circumstances exemption and moved to the top of the waiting list in August. They were only ever approved for a single room. After moving in they've continuously asked for a whole unit. Despite having the process explained to them multiple times they've refused to take no for answer and want to be given priority over others again. They came to the house as a whole to appeal for a whole unit and we're voted down. After being voted down Aaron walked off and told another member “I'm not here to make friends.”

Shortly after moving into their unit a little over a week ago, EsKae placed a plant on the window seal with a pride flag in it. They came home to discover Aaron ripped the flag out of the plant and threw it across the room. They also broke a glass that had LGBTQ+ logos on it. Aaron openly admitted to both EsKae and the house this was done because of bias against LGBTQ+ and not wanting that in “his” living space.

Aaron shortly there after came to the general meeting and criticized the house for giving them an LGBTQ+ roommate. They were informed homophobia is not a preference we will accommodate.

Aaron has continuously preached about how much they can contribute to the co-op and this is sadly always followed by “I want my own unit.” No matter how many times they've been told no, they still continue to pressure us to again break our own rules and put them ahead of others suffering from the housing crisis.

It is time for this to stop.

Cory reads relevant part of agenda 1

Aaron says he was given impression that he could get a whole unit. He we upset about flag being put up without communicating with him. Generally not happy with roommates behavior. Doesn’t like sleeping in living room and cleaning ip

Josh: sought out eske to see shat was happening.

Philip: generally talks about respecting people space being important.

Kate: the issue is homophobic behavior not anything else

Aaron: Doesn’t have a problem with anyone, just has roomate problems

Cayla: wants to remind that Aarons behavior is the issue, his behavior is being seen as homophobic

Bernard: A person should not dictate decorations in common areas, both people can put stuff there. His action say that he is homophobic. There is no rule about putting things in commons or washing dishes. People can’t bully or threaten or these things

Kate: Kate said that Aaron getting a unit was not a certainty ever, that’s how it works for anyone

Leah: was clear to Aaron that we couldn’t get him a whole unit immediately, was always a single room.

Josh: the delay was because there was turmoil when Aaron was moving in, we got a person in soon after.

Paul: We respect the work that he’s done to get the unit livable. There should be negotiating and working together about how commons runs.

Aaron: didn’t mean any harm to anyone, seemed like there was miscommunication between them. Was upset about eskers behavior.

Josh: There were times when Aaron cornered eske and

Eske: First incidence was after flag and jar were knocked down. Aaron was animated. Said he was upset about flag in the window, said it was looking like a “gay house”. He would say things and then say something contradictory. Aaron got close to his face, got upset when edge opened blinds. Second incident Arron was angry and cursing and putting dishes away, eske came out and offered to do dishes at that time. Aaron tells him that he is upset that people don’t say hey when they see him

Kate: This sounds straightforward homophobic. Not wanting the house to seem like a gay house

Josh: This is a gay and trans space. An escalation of anger is occurring with anger.

Bernard: Aaron is upset nobody says hi to him, but says he doesn’t want to make friends. Says he doesn’t want the house to seem gay. Clearly has preference in roommates orientation. Seems ready to lash out immediately.

Aaron: says he’s not homophobic. Says common area needs to be respected. Wants to be friendly.

Karen: has been in a bad roommate situation. People need to start communicating immediately. Be clear, forthright, no excuses. Roommates should put expectations in writing.

Jill: Aarons behavior at meeting where he repeated himself over and over until we had to ask him to stop.

Bernard: first impressions are important, Arron is coming off aggressive in situations. Respect is required to be given to live where.

Cory: People can argue, that’s not aggression.

Josh: Wonders what will happen to the next roommate. Aaron said he wanted a full unit so is he going to be okay with next roommate.

Eske: today was reading their book on the couch with the sheet with dog. Had fallen asleep and Aaron came in and started going on about the couch. There wasn’t much they could do. Didn’t make eye contact, knew it would be pointless to say anything, Arron want looking for solutions.

Aaron: asked Ekse about not using sheet when they came home. Says they are sleeping on couch. Seems that eske is intimidated by him.

Cayla: has he talked to eske about communicating. Aaron says kinda

Leah: its unfair to not like when eske goes to other people when Aaron does the same thing when he asks Leah for help. Leah saw Aarons animated behavior.

Bernard: Aaron is being aggressive to eske. That is why Aaron doesn’t like when eske goes to other people, because people will here about the behavior.

Josh: does he feel there were opportunities to resolve things? Aaron responds he always tried to talk and communicate about issues.

Philip: aaron has talked to him there seems to be tension there. Tries to talk to him and calm things down.

Josh: issue with broken jar was second interaction, this was start of the bad situation.

Aaron leaves so house can discuss what has been said.

Kate: behavior seems very homophobic. Doesn’t see himself as homophobic, which is a problem. Doesn’t feel comfortable putting people in with him.

Josh: asks eske what they want to happen.

Cory explains we chose no action, behavior contract which can have a lot of different things it it, or eviction. Leah explains that behavior contract make it a simple majority vote to pursue eviction.

Paul: A number of these things are clear violations of harassment and bullying policy.

Leah: sees a lack of accountability. Keeps bringing up other stuff to justify his own behavior.

Karen: sees some anger management issues

Paul: people may see Aaron as aggressive because of who he is, but doesn’t justify bullying

Bernard: People that say they are not homophobic usually are homophobic. His actions have shown homophobia clearly. He has lashed out at every chance.

Cory: Aaron breaking their stuff has never really been addressed. Aaron never brought up the jar.

Josh: There was a lot of blaming Eske for not communicating, but not acknowledging his initial aggressive actions. Worries that behavior will continue with future roommates.

Straw pole :

No action:
Behavior contract: Almost all
Eviction: 5 votes

No harassment on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. - passes
No destruction of property. - passes
No nonverbal harassment, intimidation, or bullying - passes
Seek prompt outside assistance for conflicts before confronting roommate. - passes
Will last for duration of lease agreement - passes
All things pass.

New business

Dwayne: there have discussions about a pole with dog bags on them being installed outside.

Bernard: There is somebody living in Tracys unit that is not on the lease and not paying rent.

Josh: Maintenance meeting this Wednesday. Need to get a master list of stuff that needs to be fixed.

Leah: will be housebound so bathroom can be worked on.

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