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November 13, 2022


Graham(minustes), Quinn, Cayla, Karen, Bernard, Josh, Leah, New person 1, Logan, Ninka, Russ, Paul, Philip, Aaron, Dom

Meet and Greet

Evan added to list

Review of Minutes

Wiki Updates/Announcements

Bernard: has a friend that may need a place to stay in the next day or so

Aaron: Has problem with roommate and not being consulted on anything with their unit. Didn’t want a person moved in without consulting him. Bernard states that people get moved in, that’s the way it works. Josh says his behavior is under investigation. Arron states that he intended to have a whole unit when he moved in. Under impression that there would be some matchmaking that would happen with roommates. He should have been informed about roommate more. Bernard says we do everything fair here and nobody gets special treatment. Josh brings up what was in the chicken that Aaron had. Aaron says he’s had problems with roommate using stuff. Discussion of Arrons problems with roommate continue. Aaron is not here much, doesn’t have a problem but kinda does. Aaron want a better community here. Quinn has felt that they could do better with creating a better relationship. Aaron still feels like there is hostility there. Russ states he wants a good relationship.

Quinn: Eske asked to Quinn to ask if people need a ride to south Austin in mornings and downtown in evenings.

Leah: is filling in for Lyssa as food buyer

Josh: evictions are proceeding for 203. Will e-file on Tuesday.
Bernard says eviction is taking way too long because it's been since June and it's still not done. Russ says there needs to be written rules for how an eviction takes place, he will work on that.
Josh has two behavioral contracts that need to be signed. Is going to start seeing who dent have a lease signed. Josh says Jason seems to be in a better state of mind lately. Aaron has been startled by Jason a few times.

Maintenance meeting wednesday and they will make a list of things that need to be done. CHEA will do unit inspections.

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