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November 6, 2022


Graham(minutes) Logan, Ninka, Philip, Josh, Karen, Cayla, Kate, New person 1, Bernard, New person 2(Evan), Russ, Dal, Paul

Meet and Greet

New person 1(first meeting), Evan (1st meeting)

Review of Minutes

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Agenda Item 1

(Joshua ) Officers meeting

Cayla: membership meeting happened and went well. Will be voting on new community board rep. Everything is looking fine

Kate: Budget will get done soon, lease will be paid soon. Will take over maintenance reimbursement from russ. Have been working to sort out bookkeeping problems. Progress is slowly being made. Working to standardize between la rey and sasona

Josh: Working on getting units ready and getting people into them. Maintenance needs a new approach, the maintenance team can’t handle all of the problems that pop up. Leah’s shower needs professional people on it. Erica situation is progressing. Two behavior contracts need to be signed. 204 needs professional labor, but there is not a lot of money. Figuring out a list of problems that need to get solved.

Russ: Jason will be getting eviction notice. Tracy is over 4,000 behind. When someone is 2 months or more behind it is not spelled out at what point exactly they get the eviction notice. There should be clear rules about how long people can be over for.
Paul says that the rules say they have until the 21st to get on payment plan or pay or they get eviction notice. We should reinstate late fees so that penalty happens at second missed payment, not third.
Tracy has been served with notice to vacate.
Paul says a person can do plenty of things to get eviction notice revoked.
Karen says we need stuff in writing if we are using the fact that someone is using an agency to pay their rent to make sure everything is in order, like timeline and any other information needed.
Russ says we should add some known agencies for rental assistance with eviction letter and have uniform eviction letter.
Most expenses are ongoing, we had variable expenses as well. Unit number should be included on invoices.

Food buyer: will not be here for next month and a half.

Kate: We should get more people on maintenance crew and restart maintenance meetings

Bernard: there are a few people that need to get on labor system

Josh: guest being able to stay for 2 weeks at a time is a problem. This has happened several times.
Bernard says people are hopping back and forth between units.
We should change rule to 2 weeks per 3 months.
Dom: if people are here to long they can claim squatters rights.

Russ: there should be a rule that a person will be member reviewed if they let a person stay to long.

New business

Ninka: is thinking of running for events coordinator.
Josh: please email josh if Jason is exhibiting strange behavior

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