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October 16, 2022


Graham(minutes), Bernard, Jill, Kate, Cayla, Josh, Philip, Member 1, Dwayne, Logan, Ninka, Leah, Karen, Paul, Russ, Quinn, McAllen, Richard, Aaron

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes

Minutes pass


Cayla: Sasona will be hosting a meeting soon on a saturday

Karen: Logan and Ninka ins 103

Bernard: Jason was passed out in courtyard, has been acting very strange around the coop.
Dwayne: he has some medical issues,
Jill: Has medical issues, needs to be worked on. Has concerns.
Philip: Jason has been pounding on door, looking at him meanly.
Paul: He came and apologized a few days ago
Richard: This isn’t the biggest deal to sleep on ground
Logan: he asked a friend to take him out into the country and leave him there
Mcallen: Hes going through stuff, he’s not a threat.
Leah: He would benefit from more socialization
Josh: Voices concern
Jill: was very offput by Jason staring, not a danger

Aaron: Needs water turned on in unit.

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New business

Leah: Alyssa has some low cost events to do

Karen: Victors tree will be put in Saturday hopefully

Kate: Bernard is doing something with water tonight, water will need to be shut off for whole unit

Jill: A tall blonde dude has been staying with Erica. About 6ft1in to 6ft2in. White skin. Might be dangerous

Quinn: Temp on industrial fridge is sitting at 56 degree. Was at 50 degrees. This should be addressed by professional.

Josh: for maintanance, Needs to call another plumber about Jills shower leak.
For steward: All evictions are moving along

Aaron: has people and resources to get all of these problems fixed, we just need to ask.

Cayla: A/C isn’t working.

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