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October 9, 2022


Graham(meeting), Nolan, Sarah, Yarrow, Dwayne, Leah, Bernard, Philip, Russ, Karen, Shelby, Kate, Cayla, Josh, New person 1, Paul, Shelby, Cory, Dom

Meet and Greet

One person for 2nd meeting, not approved.

Review of Minutes

Previous minutes pass


Cayla: David M was hired as board labor coordinator

Leah: people will be moving in next week. Stuff happening with other rooms

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Agenda Item 1

(Nolan) Dismiss DCU no-shows

09/11: Unit not ready for move-in 09/12: Not on labor schedule 09/25: Done, witnessed by Dwayne

Nolan: Explains his side, has every intention of doing all his stuff
Bernard: Explains why no shows were issued
House discussion of topic ensues.

Concerns and friendly amendments: none

Yarrow: make sure someone is assigned to put up food
Bernard: can forgive clean up
Philip: he does his labor

All in favor of forgiving hours: most people
All in favor of not forgiving: 2

Agenda Item 4

(Bernard) This is a member review on Shelby for over 3 months of labor no shows. Hannah has reached out to him as Labor Czar and I've sent out a notice to all members about labor and he has not made any effort to do his labor or contact me about his labor. At this point it's time for a behavior contract to see if we can right this sinking ship.

Shelby: Been going through stuff, has every intention to do labor in future
Bernard: can work together to get hours done, as long as there is communication.
Is willing to behavior contract or whatever.

No action: Almost all
Behavior contract: A few hands
Eviction: None

Agenda Item 3

(Joshua, Kate, Corey, Nolan ) This is to serve as notice for an officer review of maintenance coordinator, Jason Trevino. He's failed to show up to two meetings with the Steward and been unresponsive to maintenance requests resulting in unnecessary stress for at least 3 tenants.

The inability to contact has caused difficulties in clear communications for other officers and needless stress on tenants with issues in their apartments.

During the course of the cleaning and repair of both 204 and 211 he twice failed to meet with the Steward to prepare volunteers and resources. Then failed to appear on his only offer to help in 211.

He's failed to respond multiple times to Jill's request for maintenance on a leak in her roof and request from Lyssa to fix the same issue.

Since it is imperative that the Maintenance Coordinator be responsive to urgent maintenance requests and cooperate with the members and other officers, I believe it is in the best interest of the co-op to hold this review of Jason's position as Maintenance Coordinator.


Joshua Pineda Steward La Reunion Co-op

Review is read.
Bernard: no labor has been done
Josh, Philip, Dom, Russ detail failure of duties
Josh: will be stepping up to do labor coordinating

Vote: All in favor of removal

Agenda Item 2

(Joshua) Officers Meeting

Cayla: Working on doing in person meetings this Thursday at 7pm
Board rep stepped down
Hired maintenance coordinator
Sasona wants to redo general meeting at sasona

Josh: has dealt with much in past 30 days, most stuff is coming along.
Evictions are coming along

Has someone putting up food Sunday nights
Tracy has to be officer reviewed.

Everything is going smoothly, there have been some small problems but it will all be worked out.
Excited about possible new board position.
Some people have been given access to accounts in order to straighten out books. Working with sasona to get their books in order.

Leah: people will be moving in soon hopefully. People are on wait list for additional units.

Karen: grounds are moving around. People are doing stuff as needed

Kate:working on new precess for vacancy reserve.
Other small issues are being addressed
Nasco paid for boiler
Some grant money needs to be paid out.
Outstanding security deposits.

Has receipts to match with expense reports.
Needs to document conversations with bookkeepers
Should be documenting expenses.
Goes over general budget shows that we are managing to stay afloat, but barely.

Food buying is going okay. Can work with a smaller budget.

New business

Russ: There is a limit of $49 per month that can be given to officers. Is this because of 10-99 requirement
Cory: yes, although a lawer would need to weigh in

Bernard: Shower is not working properly. Water is not mixing correctly, water is coming out of top and bottom. Plumbers can be called about this.

Alyssa: Water is leaking into apartment below

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