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October 2, 2022


Graham(minutes), Cayla, Kate, Cory, Paul, Josh, Karen, Bernard, Gabe(new person), Russ, Leah,

Meet and Greet


Kate: Water is being decalcified tomorrow from 9am to 6ishpm, water cannot be used

Leah: website no longer says we have Wednesday meetings

Cory: has hidden recent meetings from non logged in people

Review of Minutes

Minutes pass

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Agenda Item 1

(Bernard) This is a member review on Shelby for over 3 months of labor no shows. Hannah has reached out to him as Labor Czar and I've sent out a notice to all members about labor and he has not made any effort to do his labor or contact me about his labor. At this point it's time for a behavior contract to see if we can right this sinking ship.

Item is tabled because we might not have informed person about member review

New business

Russ: Jasons rent check bounced so he will address that.
Tracy is making excuses about rent, but notice to vacate is moving forward.
Has some receipts he needs help with

Josh: eviction notices need to go out, and behavior contract for McAllen.

Cory: We should tighten debt limit in the future

CHEA didn’t pass budget. That should happen soon. We might get new operations manager soon.

Russ: wee should ask for w-9 right from the start

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