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August 7, 2022


Karen, Jason, Josh, Cayla, Russ, Paul, Philip, Bernard, Kate, Dom

Meet and Greet

John woodley 1st meeting

Aaron Sims 1st meeting

Logan Pineau 2nd meeting - added to wait list

Nyke Novotny 2nd meeting - added to wait list

Review of Minutes

Minutes Pass

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Agenda Item 1

(house) Continuation of Mondays member review procedure

Bernard: Met with case worker, said that they cannot pay for two units. There was stuff that should have been done here to help him Said Philip should get t a program to help him use his time well. Wanted to have a new behavior contract. Wants “red card” system in place. Should have weekly checks on Philip and his roommate. Needs help to not get stuck on one thing. Wants to get a behavior contract sent to her if one is brought up. Wants both Philip and Mary on behavior contract. She wants to be included if there are behavior violation. Both people could agree to not engaging with each other.

Philip: Wants to work with case worker to make things right.

Dom: if/When Mary comes back, we need and emergency to get her on a behavior contract

Russ: straw pole for who wants a behavior contract - all are in favor

Kate: reads behavior contract

1 - Philip can’t linger in same space, or talk to Mary. If there are 5 or more people in an area they can be there, but must avoid direct contact. - Voted yes

8:56pm voted to extend meeting by 15 mins

2 - No verbal altercations, no physical altercations, no threats toward roommate. - votes yes

3 - Must immediately inform an officer if tensions with roommate escalate. - voted yes

Behavior Contract will last for one year. - voted yes

Full behavior contract passes unanimously

Agenda Item 2

(house ) Officer meeting and reports

New business

Russ is taking a labor vacation

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