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July 24, 2022


Graham(minutes), karen, Bernard, Russ, Yarrow, Richard, Paul, Cory, Kate, gabe, Cayla, Hannah, Leah, Jill, Jason

Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

Minutes pass

Wiki Updates

Hannah: we will need new labor czar

Yarrow: Leaving in September, new chea board treasurer/representative.

Leah: Two people called in last meeting for 2nd meeting, they are added to list

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New business

Alert Jason about spraying for bugs

Graham: new moped

Cory: 101 is basically done. White fridge in pantry is being moved to 101

Hannah: Agenda item 1, Gabe and Shelby haven’t kept up hours.

Gabe: way overworked, tough to get to hours in. Open to new work, like watering plants. Hannah can setup a new meeting page for a formal review.

Shelby: will work to do hours as needed. Hannah will add in official review

Richard: is cooking on Wednesday more than 50% of the time

More new business

Cory: officer meeting Sunday after next. We will not allow bananas is commons after Robbie moves in.

Kate: food not bombs will take old Saturday produce

Leah: Alysa was working card so she made a food order

Jill: got note on door from Erica saying she’s looking for a new place to live.

Karen: Philip says trailer in south lot will be gone soon. Tonys car is still there, we can move it to street.

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