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June 5, 2022


Graham(minutes), new person 1, new person 2, Philip, Leah, Kate, Cayla, Paul, Json, Jill, Member 1, Quinn, Karen, Russ, new person 3, Cory, Josh

Meet and Greet

Quinn(2nd meeting) approved for wait list
3 others for 1st meeting

Review of Minutes

minutes pass

Wiki Updates

Labor holiday this Saturday

Cory: deadline for officer nominations are next week. We will have elections next meeting. Fixed Bernards issue.

Karen: looking at solar for 106, 107. Paul states requirements about solar use.

Russ: offered payment plan to tracy

Philip: got with travis county about rent paying. Kate talked to person

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New business

Cayla: chea meeting are our turn to host . Will probably be early July.

Lots of open officer positions.

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