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May 8, 2022


Graham(minutes) Cayla, Philip, Karen, Leah, Anthony(New member), Paul, Russ, Richard, Jill(for 2 mins)

Meet and Greet

Anthonys 1st meeting

Review of Minutes

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Agenda Item 1

(Russ) The current by-laws regarding officer nominations, to be ammended. Individuals nominated for officer postions must be “In Good Standing” in the time period allotted for the election.

New business

Karen: a member passed on video of a dog in several flower beds. He is on a behavior plan for this. He has not talked to Cory about behavior plan yet.

Cayla: city of Austin is doing a thing where they give money too low income housing. We need ideas for what to do with money. 250,00-300,000$ over three years. Could do boiler or pipes or other stuff. Paul says we have a master list of what needs to be done by an engineer. It's online. It's from beginning of coop. We could do another. Good starting point. Application is flexible: hiring project manager, rent stabilization, education. We could partner with other coops to apply. ACBA meeting are being held every Thursday to discuss this. Money is for bottom up, community led projects. Money can only be spent in gentrifying areas of town (not sasona). Could give officers real money. Can be used to prevent exploitation of volunteer work. Paul states a big kitchen remodel would be nice. Karen states new windows.

Philip: what happened is Philip applied for money and got it, but they sent a check to wrong address. Asks Russ to go into quickbooks and change invoice. Russ cannot change it, he emailed treasurer about it. Cayla says we could get mail key for 106 and access it there.

Josh: needs website access. Wants to add agenda for next meeting.

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