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April 10, 2022

Present: Graham(minutes), Leah, RJ, Karen, Cayla, Alyssa, Josh, Philip, Dom, Kate, Bernard, Mcallum, Cory, Paul

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes

Minutes pass

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Steward) Monthly Officer Meeting

Cayla - is working on getting bank account working. Next week will have more to report. No fires to put out. All good.

Alyssa - not much to report, sometimes things get delivered earlier than expected. People have been helping with packages. Has been trying to keep up with board. Asks people to put amounts of things on board. Cory asks for forks.

Karen - people are helping with front plants. Says it will get cold after easter. Soil is below 50. Still waiting to plant. Will update

Russ - only thing some people have started payment plan. People in 101 are not communicating. Dom says they are having trouble. Russ states he couldn’t resolve issues with Lowes receipt. Tracy send list online, but we must submit receipt. He has to print and individually add up for individual charges. This takes time he hasn’t had. Says we should get receipts far each purchase Lots of items and charges. Cory states that an invoice should be emailed. There should be a way to not pay taxes easier. Tax ID number is shared with chea and others making it difficult.

Kate - having trouble getting into accounts. Got into some of them. Will be able to pay people soon. Had trouble with passwords and accounts with chase. Working on getting check giving privileges. Is getting closer. Cory clarifies that expense bookkeeper doesn’t have access right now. Kate states yarrow can help now. Cory states chase is as much of a pain in the ass as last bank. Kate stated that ufcu might be better, but needs to get into current account first.

Leah - 3 openings other than 102, which is being renovated. Will be getting people in in the next few weeks. Asks Kate to tell when checks are in

Cory - tracy sent a report stating he will be meeting with Daniel to get a timelines to get stuff done. Getting bid for water heater. Previous bid wrong. 101 has broken window and maggot filled fridge. Cory and tracy peaking in 101 and found it abandoned. May hire professional cleaners. Unit 102 has everything to be brought up to livable status. Tracy knows exactly what needs to be done. Some light are out outside. Wants to get back to installing camera. He purchased refrigerators for RJ and 101 coming on 20th. Bought new stove for commons. Plumbing issue is being addressed by professionals soon. Moved fridge. Water damage near garage. Board for washer will be here soon. Spraying for bugs soon. We need to spend naaco money soon. Tell tracy about problems I’m box or online. Josh can help monday/tuesday. Some floor boards blown out Corys own report: will talk to Danial tomorrow. Has one more day of working before leaving for a few days. Panic is over but still some stuff to be done. Overall much has been done. Website is back and won’t have all the problems from before. Email is working as intended now. Trying to keep an eye on financial situation.

Agenda Item 2

(Cory) Reduce the number of months people can be behind on rent and stay in good standing down to 2.

Cory - states people can be 5 months behind, this does more harm than good. People are in big holes then move out. Should be tightened to 2 months. We can adjust as needed

Alyssa - is in favor. Better to not have people in big holes

Karen - agrees it should be changed. We would have known about people moving out earlier

Josh - 5 seems excessive

Bernard - people let themselves get in 5 months of debt

Paul - says russ stated before lowering in to to would only affect a handful of people. People wouldn’t get kicked out immediately.

Philip - would like notification of any changes. Has talked to case manager about this.

Amendments made - none - Vote passes practically unanimously

Agenda Item 3

(Steward) Approve behavior contract language:

I (insert name here) understand that the cooperative has found myself to be engaging in potentially evictable behaviors, and thus agree to adhere to the following additional remedies and terms for the remainder of my current lease agreement. I understand failing to adhere to these added terms can be grounds for pursuing eviction.

1) Tenant agrees to keep their dog on a leash outside at all times.

2) Tenant agrees to pick up their dog's waste outdoors.

3) Tenant agrees to keep their dog from getting into any garden spaces on the property.

4) Tenant agrees to not make any modifications to commonly used facilities or grounds without approval from the associated authority.

5) Tenant agrees to not engage in behaviors or speech with others that would be clearly seen as abusive or threatening.

6) Tenant agrees to make good faith attempts to withdraw from or de-escalate any conflicts they are a party to whenever possible.

7) Tenant agrees to respect established and communicated boundaries with others in conversations, or if unable, attempt to withdraw from such conversations.

Cayla - reads item.

Cory - states that he wrote it.

Item passes practically unanimously

Agenda Item 4

(Em meeting followup) Discuss, evaluate and approve compensation amounts for work done by co-op laborers assisting with handrail repairs.

Cory - stated that he is trying to get exact hours for everybody. Everybody put in around 4 hours ish. He has not talked to Danial about getting compensation.

Paul - asks how many people worked today. Cayla states 5ish. Paul says we should wait and see if we get nasco money

Cory - says we spent over $1,000 for materials

Bernard - commands people for putting in the work.

Cory - wants to talk to nasco and see what he can get funding

Josh - wondering next step needed for work about code inspection. Cory states we need to take out door for laundry room and put up final soffit piece.

Alyssa - asks about crack in cement outside room. Cory sates it is not emergency, but will be getting done soon

Cory - asks for permission to go to labor czar and ask for holiday time off for workers - Motion passes unanimously

New business

Bernard - Somebody left a plate with a note outside his door, he was startled. RJ later mentioned he left it there. Bernard was not comfortable with that.

RJ states that there was no bad intent, only wanted to thank him for nice food

Bernard (continuing from before) - RJ put something outside door at 5:30 am. Thinks this is very weird. Doesn’t want excuses, wants this to not happen. Cayla asks if he talked about this before beard states no, wanted to bring it up at meeting

Mcallum - Is a teacher, off during summer. Night owl, keeps irregular sleep schedule. Often out at odd hours. Does not see hour of day as an issue. Might leave 5:00 am note.

Cory - stated it is a little weird

Karen - has issues like what is the food and is it still good.

Cayla - doesn’t think it needs to be brought up at meeting

Barnard - stand he doesn’t need to bring it up with RJ wanted to bring it up at meeting.

Alyssa - like that this is a nice caring community. Everyone needs grace and sympathy. That is the best thing about this.

Cory - hasn’t met with RJ to get behavior contract for RJ to go over. Maybe he can help with some problems.

Cayla - agrees with Bernard that this is not acceptable behavior.

Barnard - since discussion last week, people have tried to make light of situation. Trying to make it seem like there is not an issue. Putting stuff at door at 5:00 then not saying anything till much later. Will give Cory a chance to talk to him. Was very alarmed by note saying it was just for him. Felt like he got shut down at start of meeting. Doesn’t want RJ around him or his door.

Cayla - understand Bernards reasoning for not eating food. Seems supper suspect. Says RJ probably didn’t know it was inappropriate. JR was defensive.

Cory - will let RJ know not to have much contact

Philip - will report further inappropriate activity to case manager

Bernard - kudos to those who pitched in - really doesn’t want to get shut down.

Cory - states we are most of NASCOs income, they won’t let us go bankrupt.

Bernard - keep with out for vehicles he say someone lingering in parking lot. Looked suspicious. Unknown white man.

Cory - Some cameras don’t work but outer cameras work

Kate - Yarrows boyfriends car got broken into last night she thinks.

Bernard - are we allowed to fence in property? Cory doesn’t know

8:05 meeting ends

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