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May 31, 2020

Present: Richard (facilitator), Aaron, Paul (minutes), McAllen, Barak, Russ, Philip, Bernard, Ryan, Serene

Meet and Greet

Erez (second meeting, approved) and Ben (second meeting, approved)

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

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Agenda Item 1

(Cory) Extend Covid-19 related policies to end June 30th.

Cory: Things are still very up in the air for what happens in the next month. Lots of things are just not re-opened. One month of policy extension will give us breathing-room to assess what to do next.

Clarifying question: If we pass this, then no evictions for May?

Cory: Right.

Point of information: The city extended its protection orders to June 15th, to match the county-level date.

Concerns / friendly amendments

Suggested amendment: Can we just agree to end our policies when the city & county decides to end their tightened rules, so we can avoid having this discussion repeatedly?

POI: Sometimes they've made changes to their rules instead of just ending them. Let's maintain flexibility.

Amendment not taken up.

Agenda item passes.

Agenda Item 2

(Russ) Suspend labor fines retroactively back to March, 2020 until the end of the COVID 19 Rent Relief Program.

Russ: On March 22 we had a meeting about forgiving late-rent and labor fines. We agreed to cancel rent fines, but never picked up the labor fine question again. What I'm proposing is that we forgive labor fines payable in March (assessed for January labor) and going forward until we deal with the Covid problem. This is to give members a break, since not everyone is working and money is tight.

Board member: We do plan to continue the rent relief program until we're no longer comfortable drawing down the vacancy reserve fund.

Russ: I'm proposing we forgive labor fines until the rent relief is over, whenever that is.

Point of information: Because of how and when the board is announcing the rent relief program extensions, and because labor fines are delayed by several months, that end-date might be more complicated than necessary.

Russ: I'm open to amendment for the end-date, but I'm OK with ending the relief programs together.

Board member: We already aren't assessing fines for commons labor, since it's currently optional. If people are incurring fines for other labor they can always bring it to a meeting.

Russ: We didn't start dropping labor fines until April. I want to move that back to March.

Clarifying question: How much are we talking about for March?

POI: A few hundred dollars; I could generate the exact amount.

Concerns / friendly amendments

Concern: I feel like the house has already been very lenient around fines.

Concern: This addresses times before the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown, and job losses.

Russ: The idea is to take some financial pressure, now, away from members who have lost their jobs, just as a psychological thing. Otherwise the fines will continue to go out, and members can take individual action to address their no-shows.

Concern: I feel this isn't the right way to help members financially while maintaining labor accountability.

Concern: I feel you're trying to get ahead of the problem, given that there aren't people here talking about how those fines are a hardship on them.

Russ: I did take blow-back on that issue when I assessed fines. People didn't understand which fines were canceled and which were not.

Agenda item does not pass.

New business

Ben is urgently looking for housing, and is willing to be a third roommate in a unit if others are willing, even to pay to crash on a couch. Knock on #210.

Barak, board member: ARNL deal has been closed! They had a parade; I've got pictures on my phone. This was years in the making. We couldn't have done it without you voting to change our charter and allow us to take on additional board members and staff, so this is a success for everyone here too. Now, they own their own land and their cooperative, and we have the ability to grow our CTAP program by getting new cooperatives signed up.

Barak, board member: I've been board member for years and our bylaws prevent me from running again. We must bring in a new board representative position in December, and that person must know what they're doing and where this organization is heading, in order to make sure this new program stays functioning. I am fully willing and want to share information to help bring them up to speed as soon as possible.

Maintenance: I had to replace a rooftop AC, which killed the monthly maintenance budget on its own. Otherwise I just purchased some small parts for people and turned down the boiler temperature by 10 degrees for the summer months.

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