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February 16, 2020

Present: Russ, Paul, Richard, Philip, Jared, Bernard, Elden, Bernard, Carl, Anna

Meet and Greet

No New People

Review of Minutes

Minutes Accepted

Wiki Updates

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Agenda Item 1

(Russ) Forgive, Lincoln and Jax's no shows. Normally an invoice is emailed to a member but we haven't an email address for Lincoln or Jax. Lincoln:

July, 2019 $30 , August, 2019 $10 , September, 2019 $50, October, 2019 $50 , November, 2019 $50, December, 2019 $50= $240

Jax: Notifying the House that Jax has accumulated $120 in labor fines.

House rules call for termination of an associate's contract when labor fines exceed $100.

Poi: We need to make sure that the labor czar also has there contact info

Friendly amendment: Drop Jax from the agenda



Agenda Item 2

(Expense Bookkeeper) I am putting this in for Robbie.

1. Why does the house pay for cleaners when people move it? When I moved in I had to clean the place for labor credit but when Karl moved in and other people a cleaning service was hired. I'd like to know why that is.

Poi: this is done for units that have never had any kind of cleaning done in the history of the coop, or for any unit that has great need, like for flooding, but it hasn’t had a standard threshold, maybe we need to set a standard

Poi: we may need to make standard for both labor credit and for the use of any cleaning crew.

Agenda Item 3

(Carl) Could we have a review of labor policies? Perhaps to include a discussion of what is working and what is not, from a procedural perspective

POI: Is there any description of the labor requirements or any way to get answers on these questions?

Poi: there are descriptions online and, on the board, but any standing questions or anything about details, Gatalin is the labor czar and can be emailed or asked about these questions.

We can also answer any questions right now.

Agenda Item 4

(Barak) The CHEA Board recently worked with a graphic designer to produce a logo for CHEA. We would like to submit it to members for an up or down vote to adopt this as our official logo that will represent CHEA as a nonprofit organization.

Full disclosure: we would like feedback on this logo immediately as ROC USA is requesting an official logo by next week.

Vote Passed

New business

If you are able and interested in an officer position, please do ask someone about any details, we do need people in that position.

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