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January 19, 2020

Present: Paul, Richard(facilitator), Ryan, McAllen,Philip, Bernard, Rebecca, Burgess, Aaron, Russ, Andrew

Meet and Greet

Don (First Meeting)

Eldon (Second Meeting, approved)

Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates

No Wiki Updates

Agenda Item 1

(Andrew) I will be moving out on February 1st and just want to confirm that I will not be charged any fee as I am not currently on a lease.

Poi: Without a membership coordinator, we would have to take this to with the house rule to give 6 weeks’ notice.

In this case we would need to bring it through to the house to have the departure formalized.

New business

McAllen: I can believe that I was not remembering 100% of the details, but I do trust my memory. Philp expressed reluctance to have me move out. He disagreed with why I was moving out, I had told him that I was tired of taking cold showers and I want peace from the music from across the street. It was a bit hazy at this point, but he did grab my crotch

Philp: I didn’t grab him, I will want to go his own way I don’t want trouble with no one, once he goes his way, I will go mine.

McAllen: I will give you the benefit of the dough and you don’t remember because you might have been drunk, but someone grabbed my crotch and it was me and you were the only one else who was there.

Poi: What was it that were you on?

McAllen: it was weed

Philip: I just want us all to move on,

Poi: this is something that is serious moment we can’t just move on

Poi: this isn’t about me but this is the first time I have mentioned it but my brother tried to assault me as well the is a big deal and should not be glossed over

Poi: I think it doesn’t matter that he was on drugs but should have called the police as this is a major problem

Poi: I do know there are substances that can alter memories

Poi: I was with McAllen that night and he did seem of his normal wit

McAllen: I only bring this up because I figured you might have forgot because it did happen

Poi: are wanting to take further action, if you are wanting a member review, I believe that it would be ready quickly

McAllen: I believe I can’t live with someone who has done something like that so either you go, or I go, I would like to have the soonest possible

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