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January 12, 2020

Present: McAllen, Russ, Jamie, Ryan, Richard, Anna, Paul (minutes), Bernard, Philip, Bernard

Meet and Greet

Kendra (first meeting), Aiden (first meeting)

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

Wiki Updates

No wiki updates.

Agenda Item 1

(Wanda) I moved out Dec 24 and would like to pay through the end of December instead of until the end of my lease.

Wanda: My understanding was my lease expired January 26th. I contacted Ryan December 15th asking if I could avoid the fees, assuming the $100 fee. He told me no and that I could ask the house. I was going to ask the house but it was a hectic time and I assumed the $100 fee. Then Ryan told me I hadn't given 6 weeks notice - it was 4 and some change - before my due date, so I would have to assume the cost until a new tenant moved in. A new tenant moved in January 6th but they moved into a different one. I was hoping to get the $352 back or just pay the 6 days and not lose the whole deposit. I was out, I cleaned my room, and paid all of December. Can someone explain the policy?

Ryan: The six-week contract-break notice requirement. January 26th would be 6 weeks from her notice. The reason we've taken all of the deposit is she's paid up through December, so she owed the pro-rated period for January, plus $100 contract break fee. There were also some labor fines, so it was over $500.

Clarifying question: Is this how we normally do things?

Ryan: Normally we have a membership coordinator who does this. I can't tell you what we normally do. I applied the rules.

Point of interest: Last time someone came to the house we just finished them out for the month. In that case they didn't move out in time, so I'd be fine with applying that to this case as well.

CQ: Wanda, you gave notice on December 15th?

Wanda: Yes, I gave notice then, paid for all of December, then moved out on the 21st.

POI: So my understanding is the notice is to get us ample time to move someone into the room. Since we didn't have a membership coordinator, that's on us. I don't know that anyone was delayed move-in because of any actions of Wanda's.

Ryan: We had a vacant room that wouldn't be vacant otherwise.

Wanda: I just moved be closer to work. I jumped on an opportunity that fit my budget and didn't know about the six-week rule.

Ryan: She owes $509, $30 for Oct labor, pro-rated January rent ($379.10), and then $100 contract break fee.

Concerns / friendly amendments

Treasurer concern: Generic concern that these costs can add up and we shouldn't make this a habit.

Agenda item approved.

New business

We need to get our cameras up and running again! I had to change the locks on my door after someone tried to pry them open.

Maintenance coordinator: Our associate Donny needs a project suitable for his talents. I think he can head up anything and he's very thorough. I'll talk to him.

Richard: I'm running the election due to our lack of a Steward. I'm going to make ballots tomorrow and give a week for everyone to vote. We still need people to be membership coordinator and steward.

Bookkeeper: Some members get subsidized rent from our partner organizations. We've gotten mail addressed to #106 but we don't have a mail key for it. I wanted to discuss filing it as a business address so we can access that box.

Treasurer: We used to have a #106 key that we didn't get *any* mail to. Let's go request a key replacement. I think that'll involve the board.

There's a number of contracts that have expired - members are living on expired contracts. We need to get those taken care of.

Bookkeeper: A member came to me and told me that they're paying half the rent, while a partner organization pays the other half. They lost their job and told me couldn't pay on time this month, but they got it paid through another organization - late. Do I have to request from the house to waive their late fee?

POI: They notified you, and it did get paid. I think it's fine to use your discretion on something like this.

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