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January 5, 2020

Present: Paul, Barak, Serene, Russ (Facilitator), Richard, Ryan, Lydia, Ryan, Galtin, Christian (minutes),Philip

Meet and Greet

Anna – 2nd meeting (No objections, Approved)

John – 1st meeting

Review of Minutes

Minutes Approved

Wiki Updates

No wiki Updates

Agenda Item 1

(Russ) I want the Labor Czar to publish a list of each members surplus labor hours on a monthly basis. Also, to refer to this list when adding up any no show hours for the month. This hasn't been done for several months resulting in members getting invoiced for no shows fines that should have been cancelled by surplus labor.

Merged with #2

Agenda Item 2

(Serene) I want my no-shows dismissed from October 2019. Reasons are below.

- Technical failures with the discussion group email chain - Missing hours \ surplus hours in the report - Lack of transparency with access to past labor reports - The timeliness of no-show reports \ time-to-act

Serene – I have had been traveling when I first received this email and didn’t have as much time to respond.

Serene – I was wondering if we can have the no show to posted.

Poi- that is already one of the duties for the Labor Czar.

Voting on dismissing no shows

Vote Approved

Agenda Item 3

(Barak) Increase officer hours of CHEA Board Rep from 3hrs per week to 4hrs per week.

Amendment passed

Vote on increase of Hours - Approved

Agenda Item 4

(Ryan) Add clause to the membership coordinator job description requiring them to get Income disclosure from new members at contract signing so we can effectively maintain our non profit status. I propose we modify “Jack's Law” as quoted below:

“Jack’s Law: Make sure that new members pay their sign an Income Disclosure Affidavit, deposit, membership fee, and any pet deposit needed when they sign their contract. If they do not pay their fees and the income disclosure, then they cannot sign a contract. DO NOT let people move in if they haven’t paid and signed these.”

Ryan – I think we need to add to have contact info of new member for our officers so that they can get a hold of them

Poi- what does it do if we are too high for these numbers

Ryan – this is to prove to the IRS of our eligibility for tax exempt status

Poi – I am worried this would be another burden of

Friendly amendment: Once the contract has been signed to send copies of the income discloser and the final page of the contract to the chea operations manager, La Reunion treasurer, and La Reunion bookkeeper.


8 For, 1 Abstain

Agenda Item 5

(Richard) Spend up to $150 from the Grounds budget on a leaf blower.



New business

Reminder people be mindful of neighbors during late hours. There have been people who have made noise in the back of the coop near the windows of some members and there was concerned expressed at the proximity to the window

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