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December 29, 2019

Present: Paul (minutes), Richard (facilitator), Barak, Ramona, Karen, Philip, Bernard, Russ

Meet and Greet

Ramona and Ana had their first meetings.

Review of Minutes

Minutes accepted.

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Agenda Item 1

(Wanda) I am leaving the co-op. I have a friend of a friend interested in the cooperative and will be sending them y'all's way. They're a really cool artist and kind human. I am grateful to have lived in La Reunion and y'all really made my day and we'll stop by to visit.

Also plan to stop by - hopefully in January, w/ aid of Kelsey - to donate compost.

If you would like to stay in touch, email:

Kindest Regards,




Agenda Item 2

(Amanda) I want to move out Jan 15, 2020. I'm requesting pro-rated rent and I'll pay the 0 break-the-lease fee.

Amanda: We're moving and I want to break my lease. I'd like a pro-ration and I'll pay the fee.

Clarifying question: Jason, you're moving out too, right? Do you want this to apply to you as well?

Jason: Yes.

Concerns / friendly amendments

Friendly amendment for this to apply to Jason as well suggested and approved.

Agenda item approved.

Agenda Item 3

(Barak) Increase the CHEA Board Rep's officer hours to 4 hrs per week.

Barak: My agenda items were posted in time but not posted to the physical board, so they're just discussion items now.

Agenda Item 4

(Barak) Discussion item: paying the co-op 200 dollars in exchange for the Herman Miller Aeron computer chair currently located in the commons office.

Barak: This could go into the maintenance fund. I'm open.

Point of information: That was actually donated by Yvette. I'm sure she could use the money more than the co-op.

Barak: Sounds great.

Point of information: I know someone who knows her phone number so I'll put you in touch.

New business

Bookkeeper: Labor fines have been accumulating on our labor associates but I don't have contact information for those people. Normally someone who owes more than $100 is a member in bad standing and after a grace period receives a notice to vacate. Should we give a notice to associates that they're in danger of losing their membership? One person's at $190.

Point of interest: According to our rules we terminate membership on the 21st if they owe more than $100.

Bookkeeper: We really need to properly collect and manage contact info for members and associates.

POI: The membership coordinator and the labor czar should have that information.

Bookkeeper: Also, on labor: I try to let people dispute fines. If people dispute their no-shows at that point, I'll defer to the labor czar and hold off on sending the fine invoice.

POI: Technically when a no-show converts into a fine is exactly when it ceases to be disputable.

Bookkeeper: Most people are doing fine with labor, but every month there are a few 10+ no-shows. I'm worried the labor system has issues like this.

POI: This could be easier for you - just tell them you can't. They can just go to the house if they want to dispute the no-shows or fines at that point.

Bookkeeper: Two payment plans, other things are nominal.

Last-week-of-the-month officer reports.

Barak, board member: I started this officer meeting system but I could do better about being part of it. We've been going through the contract with ROC-USA and made some suggestions for mutuality. That contract revision has been sent back to them and we're awaiting their response.

Barak: The ARNL project we were looking at went on the open market. We made an offer to step in as soon as we get a full-time program manager. Hannah signed the final document. I believe the CTAP project will be done in 2020, which is very exciting.

Barak: Next meeting is January 1st at La Reunion.

Maintenance: Getting contractors during the holidays is slow. We have a plumber who can do some work. We're replacing 8 stairs with a stair contractor, doing some pre-emptive maintenance. I've been coordinating getting a plumber and electrician at the same time so we can tackle the hot-water issue. Washers are mostly-working?

We're getting a road diet on our street - narrowing, speed limit lowering, expanding sidewalks. We'll reclaim parking space in the front for our use and get a few extra spaces. Should be good.

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