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December 15, 2019

Present: Gatlin (facilitator), Paul (minutes), Serene, Philip, McAllen, Ramona, Ryan, Bernard, Nolan, Karen, Lincoln, Andrew, Richard. Bernard

Meet and Greet

Nobody for meet and greet.

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

Wiki Updates

No wiki updates.

Agenda Item 1

(Ramona) Prorate Ramona's rent from Nov. 15 to Nov. 22.

Ramona: Unfortunately I had too much stuff and that delayed my move.

Treasurer: She overstayed a proration the house agreed to. I agreed to a 2-day thing, then told her I wouldn't do that again without a house decision to update the agreement.

Membership coordinator: We should do what the lease says.

Ramona: I feel like delays are part of a great co-op tradition.

Membership coordinator: You put me in a really bad spot with the way you moved out, and I bent over backwards. I hope it's not tradition.

Treasurer: When Ramona didn't move out in time I think the agreement was violated, and we reverted back to the lease.

Treasurer: We still have the deposit.

Ramona: It was seven more days that I stayed. I did pay up the 15th. My deposit was only $440 because I used to live in a shared unit.

Point of interest: We should've required the other half of the

Friendly amendment: Would you accept calling it at the end of the month? So an additional payment for 8-day.

Ramona: Maybe.

Friendly amendment: Ramona will pay full rent to the date Karen moved in, and half rent for the rest of the month, 8 days. That would be $780 total for the month, less what Ramona has already paid for the month.

Ramona: Not accepted.

There is a consensus check. There are two blocks.

Both blockers: I would drop my block if you accept the friendly amendment.

Membership coordinator: I feel you were really disrespectful in how you left the co-op. I would've been okay with the friendly amendment but you didn't accept it.

Ramona: I've lived at multiple co-ops. I don't mean to disrespect the work of coordinators.

Ramona: That's $450 for breaking my lease. I don't accept the amendment.

Item is tabled.

Treasurer: Without further guidance I will bill her for the full month of November. I have Ramona's address on file already.

Agenda Item 2

(Serene) Allow the Girls Advocacy League to host an event at the co-op.

You can read more about them at this link.

Potential dates: January 9, 14, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30

Serene: It's the adult arm of the Girl's Empowerment Network in town for support and fund-raising purposes. They want to have an event in North Austin, and I suggested the cooperative.

Clarifying question: How many? Ballpark?

Serene: Probably eight-ten. 15-20? Not a mob. It's a happy hour for socializing and networking.

Serene: When we coordinate the date from them I'll let people know.

Agenda item approved.

Agenda Item 3

(Andrew) Address labor fines issued to me.

Labor czar: Every no-show Andrew has gotten is for no-signature, so it well might be my fault. I'm totally fine with waiving these labor fines if you dispute these no-shows.

Andrew: I was notified by the treasurer via email that my accumulated fines were high enough to hit the threshold.

Treasurer: Because of when fines hit during the month, they won't hit the notice-to-vacate threshold that month, so there's a little accidental grace period. That's why I send out emails like this.

Treasurer: They've already converted to fines, so it's not up to the labor czar to rescind the no-shows at that point. We can choose to drop these fines in this meeting, though.

Andrew: I'll accept that. I still want to deal with these other month's fines for no-signature no-shows. I acknowledge that I'm bad at signing properly. I've been trying as hard as I can to do my job.

Friendly amendment: These accumulated fines will not trigger a notice to vacate until the end of January. Waive these fines.

Amendment accepted.

Agenda item accepted.

New business

No new business.

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