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December 1, 2019

Present: McAllen, Christian (facilitator, Minutes), Bernard, Philp

Meet and Greet

No meet and greet

Review of Minutes

Minutes Accepted

Wiki Updates

No Update

Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Purchase a dishwasher for the Commons

Poi: the idea for the dishwasher is that we have had trouble with proper sanitation of dishes and this would be the way to insure we would be able to keep the dishes all clean

Tabled due to agenda posted

Agenda Item 2

(Gatlin) Member review of McAllen related to performance of labor.

Mcallen: While some of the labor was me forgetting to sign out, but most was be being overwhelmed at work, but I have already fix the problem and I am able to start keeping up with labor

Tabled due to agenda posted

New business

No new business

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