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October 27, 2019

Present: Richard, Barak, Russ, Victor, Burgess, Ramona, Karen, Phillip, Serene, Lydia, Bernard, Robbie K, Carmen, Doug

Meet and Greet

Doug: Robert and I have been looking out for each other since the ARCH. Problems with a member who lives here.

Doug steps out

4 members block Doug’s membership acceptance

Review of Minutes

10/20 meeting minutes reviewed and accepted by the members present

Wiki Updates

(Paul) The minutes for 9/15 New Business were never approved. I changed the text for clarity:
We had three candidates for an available room, and reviewed the rules regarding the choice of who would move in. Some people changed their availability. The candidate who was offered the room before those people gets priority.

Paul’s note to amend 9/15 meeting minutes unanimously approved.

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Agenda Item 1

(Richard, Gatlin, Burgess, Victor) Member review of Robbie King for aggressive behavior toward other members.

-Rebecca’s statement read aloud

-Consensus given for Robbie’s legal aid to listen to meeting on the phone

-Robbie: On the first day I moved here, Cynthia was talking about disturbing things I didn’t want to hear.

-Phillip: She was disturbed at first, I understand Robbie’s point. I’ve talked to both of them. As far as I’m concerned the incident is over and done. They should just apologize and stay out of each other’s faces.

-Serene: I would like to hear from Lydia.

-Lydia: I know that the particular day Robbie was talking about disciplining my child. Most of what’s been said about Robbie’s and I’s interactions so far is false. He said that it wasn’t my fault because Im a woman, but that I need a man to discipline my child and that he could be that man. I parked my car with groceries in it, but I lost my house keys. I was trying to get into my apartment while finding new house keys, and at that moment I saw Robbie outside drinking and listening to music. He was sitting there leering at me, making me feel uncomfortable. I said to him that he was making me feel uncomfortable, and it was the same way his friend at the last meeting was making me uncomfortable. He proceeded to antagonize me. I started to walk away and he kept on antagonizing me. I turned around and said “Don’t talk to me.” I left again and he followed. Later I heard him getting loud and asking others if they knew me. He continues to say he didn’t speak to me and doesn’t know me but he did. Even after that day he has stared at me in an intimidating manner.

-Robert King: Did you start the conversation?

-Lydia: I started the conversation. I told him he was making me feel uncomfortable.

-Robert King: My father recalls a story Lydia was talking about crack smoke? And that disturbed him as well.

-Serene: I feel like I heard Lydia talking about this story over and over. She also invited Juniper into our space who was acting erratically. I think she was running her mouth about Cynthia or someone smoking crack and that’s what Robbie was talking about. I don’t approve of this member review.

-Phillip: Give Robbie a chance.

-Burgess: We’ve all been here with Lydia and Wolf. Wolf is a three year old. He is a pure toddler. Different people raise their children in different ways. My father survived me while being a single parent. It’s Lydia’s business to raise her kid. Lydia is the mother of her child. I wish there were 20 more of the ARCH in Austin. I’m not saying we’re better than the ARCH. The ARCH is an environment where loud argument is more common there. There is a difference here. The first thing to do in this community is ask for a mediator when there is a conflict. This one hit the fan so fast that we were caught unaware. The co-op has failed a succession of people, in that we haven’t done a sophisticated member acceptance. We don't do violence.

-Robbie: I never told her about her own child.

Robbie steps out 3 options: do nothing, eviction hold-off agreement, membership termination

-Serene: This shouldn’t have gotten to a member review. There should have been mediation.

-Elicia: Robbie kind acts like a sentry to the co-op. It doesn’t sound easy for Lydia to avoid Robbie in the future.

-Richard: He might need to drink inside or find a different seating area.

-Robert King: He’s my father. I’ll tell him to sit in the seating area.

-Bernard: I understand about alcohol, but we can’t ban him from sitting out there.

Straw poll:
-Membership termination: No one in favor
-Behavioral contract: 4 in favor
-Do nothing: 9 in favor

Agenda Item 3

(Wanda) Reinstate wiki officer and house historian as 1hr per week officers. Both can be elected by the house and both can be removed through determination of the labor czar - not an officer review.

Wiki Officer - see Manual - there are too many updates and incorrect details in both the written/online house documents for myself as the steward to cover -this progress of this position could be tracked through wiki updates at the meetings -I would also like to add working on a welcome to the co-op guide for the new members as one of their duties -I would also like to add working with officers like maintenance to collect an internal document of #s to pass on to each generation

TL;DR: We need someone to act like as our DND Dungeon Master to alleviate burden on current officers and make understanding cooperative life more accessible.

If passed or if the labor czar feels the house wants this, as steward I nominate Yarrow as interim Wiki officer

House Historian is a position not in the manual or wiki but I heard was once a position before.

- update online social profiles with the co-op's events - take pictures and create a photo album of our accomplishments/daily life - document in creative ways who we are as Larrys

If passed or labor czar feels the house wants this, as steward, I nominate Jamie because she single-handedly put on SEAM and she is a professional photographer

(Agenda item 3 discussed before agenda item 2.)

-Wanda: Gatlin can create new labor. But I wanted to flesh out the positions.

-Burgess: Why do you think wiki officer should be an elected position?

-Wanda: I guess it doesn’t have to be elected.

-Wanda: I talked to Yarrow and she said she would be interested in the wiki officer position.

-Richard: Gatlin can do this without elections.

Item tabled; Will talk to Gatlin

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Discuss purchase of new washers and dryers.

-Richard: Our machines aren’t cutting it. It’s a capital expenditure so we don’t necessarily have to check a budget line item for it. Next week I’ll come back with some specifications of new washers.

New business

-Bernard: I apologize for the loudness on Friday night, but there was no need to call the police.

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