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September 29, 2019

Present: Sarah, Richard (facilitator), Vaidy, Barak, Russ, Wanda, Corey, Karen, Carmen, Christian (Minutes), Sam

Meet and Greet

A.G. (second meeting, accepted)

Review of Minutes

Minutes Accepted

Wiki Updates

No Updates

Agenda Item 2

(Vaidy) Lease review and termination:

I would like to discuss some details regarding termination of my lease at the end of September.

Vaidy intends to break the least due to the current end being Oct 30th

Agenda Item 1

(automatic) Officer meeting

Bookkeeper: Everyone going well with payment plans, a few labor fines and late fees, only one-person delinquent on rent

Steward: I will probably be stepping down as steward as party coordinator fulfills all my labor requirement

Maintenance: things are being fixed, have one more quote for the water fix just to make sure we are spending the money wisely, and looking for a scar crow sign for the parking, we are looking into the asbestos testing

New business

Discussion on reconnecting the security cameras

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