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August 25, 2019

Present:Ryan, Paul(facilitator), Lydia, McCain,Russ, Christian(minutes)

Meet and Greet

Robbie (second Meeting, accepted)

Robert (second meeting, accepted)

Review of Minutes

Minutes Accepted

Wiki Updates

No Updated

Agenda Item 1

(Ryan) Allow Daniel Miller to Host a workshop in the La Reunion commons on Fair Housing November 23rd, 1pm. Here is the info Daniel Provided:

I suggest that the November training session would happen at La Reunion on Saturday 11-23 at 1pm (the weekend before Thanksgiving), and that this would be the Fair Housing session. The training would be open to the general public, although I will try to be clear in the language describing the session that it will be focused on fair housing issues in co-ops and I imagine it would bring an audience mainly made up of co-op members. I have a slideshow to go along with the training, but can bring my own projector and screen. I imagine that the attendance will be small enough to fit into the common areas. If the crowd was too large to fit inside at this time of day, it might be necessary to either go without the slideshow and use printed materials or to connect a computer to a TV hauled outside.

I also have a separate module for our Fair Housing training that's a guided discussion using hypothetical scenarios. Those are meant to let members in a co-op have a deeper conversation about these issues, and if CHEA members would be interested I would be happy to stick around after the public-facing training and conduct a session open only to CHEA members - this portion of the training has been very well received when I've presented it, and the last time I used it the local members stuck around for nearly three hours of discussion after the training portion had ended.

No Concerns

Straw poll: pass

New business

Meeting at city hall to put $75k to worker coops, next Wednesday, this will be to help pass this part of the budget.

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