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 ====== August 18, 2019 ====== ====== August 18, 2019 ======
-Present:+<font 12.0pt/​times new roman,​serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Present: ​Rebecca, Paul (Facilitator),​ Jason, Bernard, Jax, Richard, Russ, Christian (Minutes)</​font>​ 
 ===== Meet and Greet ===== ===== Meet and Greet =====
 +<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​No one new</​font>​
 ===== Review of Minutes ===== ===== Review of Minutes =====
-===== Wiki Updates =====+Minutes Aproved
-<hidden onHidden="Click to open form" onVisible="Click to hide form (useful for printing)"​ initialState="​visible"​ -noprint>​+===== Wiki Updates =====
-<form>+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​No Wiki Updates</​font>
-Action pagemod _self addagenda+**<font 18.0pt/​18;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Agenda Item 2</​font>​**
-Thanks "​Agenda Item added"+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​(Richard) Approve Jason'​s behavior contract.</​font>​
-textbox "​Proposer"​ /^[^<>]+$/+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>Poi: are two versions and we can vote on which on is used</font>
-textarea "​Proposal Text" /^[^<>]+$/+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>Poi: we didn’t vote on duration either one year or duration of membership<​/font>
-static "Note: $ must be escaped by preceding with a \Example\$100"+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Straw poll1-year approval wins vs duration of membership</​font>​
-number "La Reunion'​s Street Number" ​<7911 >7909+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Membership contract approved</​font>
-hiddenautoinc "​itemnumber"​ "​=1"​+**<font 18.0pt/​18;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Agenda Item 3</​font>​**
-submit "​Add ​to Agenda"​+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​(Lydia) Allow me to host an outdoor party on 10/​13/​19</​font>​
-</form>+<font 12.0pt/12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Poi:​ she will be getting a water slide in the parking lot</​font>
-</hidden>+<font 12.0pt/12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Poi:​ how big is it?</​font>
-~~ FORM END DO NOT EDIT ABOVE THIS LINE ~~+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Poi:​ just a small kid slide</​font>​
-~~ AGENDA ITEM TEMPLATE START DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE ~~+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Poi:​ how long will it be there</​font>​
 +<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Poi:​ just in the afternoon</​font>​
 +<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Straw poll: approved</​font>​
-===== Agenda Item 1 =====+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Poi:​ will need to check if there are any insurance needs</​font>​
-(Hannah) Approve use of La Reunion'​s courtyard and interior Commons space by the SEAM Project, a community dance organization,​ on the evenings of October 10-12.+**<font 18.0pt/​18;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Agenda Item 1</​font>​**
 +<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​(Hannah) Approve use of La Reunion'​s courtyard and interior Commons space by the SEAM Project, a community dance organization,​ on the evenings of October 10-12.</​font>​
 +<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Poi:​ what time is it? Will it affect the dinner?</​font>​
-===== Agenda Item 2 =====+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Poi:​ we should be able to have room, but we will ask.</​font>​
-(Richard) Approve Jason'​s behavior contract.+<font 12.0pt/​12;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Seeing how much space and what they will be bringing</​font>​
-<pagemod addagenda output_before>​ 
-===== Agenda Item @@itemnumber@@ ===== 
-(@@Proposer@@) @@Proposal Text@@+===== New business =====
-</​pagemod>​+Chea has membership with Cosco, both cards are with Sesona, proposal to contact Sesona to get duplicates for La Re for us to get access it Sam’s
-~~ AGENDA ITEM TEMPLATE END DO NOT EDIT ABOVE THIS LINE ~~+We need to come up with a plan for our fence on the North side. It has already started falling once and we need to have a plan to prevent further damage. We need to look at the title to look at if the fence is on our side of the land.
-===== New business ===== 
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