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July 14, 2019

Present: Lydia, Ryan, Paul (minutes), Richard (facilitator), Evan

Meet and Greet

Aaron (first meeting)

Review of Minutes


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Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Reinstate Yvette as an active associate.

Richard: Yvette's shown up a few random days sometimes, once or twice a month. I sat her down to clear things out with her. She found other housing after the review and behavior contract here, but now she has a car and wants to get involved again. She seemed to think she could just come back and start doing labor again, that she hadn't lost membership. She doesn't have much money to drive up so I said I'd bring it up in a meeting.

Richard: I think the merits of that member review were questionable, and so were some activities around it. I think she was reviewed for eccentricities and idiosyncracies; I think she's harmless. I think we should lean on forgiveness.

POI: I had a lovely conversation with her at some point.

Concerns / amendments phase

POI: I saw her Thursday night after dinner. She was working on the computer. She still seems sour about the review.

POI: I think she has reason to be sour.

Concern: There was one person who talked to me about this expressing concern, but he seemed to lighten up by the end of the conversation.

Item approved.

Agenda Item 2

(Ryan Nill) Allow Paul Bindel, a co-oper from Denver to stay in the Library on August 6 and 7.

Ryan: He's reached out to me a few times about ACBA stuff.

CQ: What's he doing here in Austin?

POI: I didn't ask. I can.

Concerns / amendments phase

Item approved.

New business

CQ: When do the new quorum rules go into effect?

POI: Next week.

CQ: How often should we change our commons key access?

POI: We've talked about getting an electronic lock. Then we can just updated the PIN and let all current members know.

POI: In the years I've been here it's only been an issue a few times.

CQ: Did everyone meet the fellow sleeping on the breezeway?

POI: Older fellow, yeah.

POI: We put up a sign about sleeping there. I'm not sure who took it down. I sat down with him at some point and talked to him. He said he'd make other arrangements.

POI: I've let him crash on my couch once, but he can't continue that. He's come to a meeting but his work schedule makes him really unavailable for our regular meetings. I'll get him to a Wednesday meeting soon, hopefully.

CQ: Can we put him in contact with other groups that can help?

POI: Sure. He's not a veteran, though, and he doesn't want to be at the Arch at all after a fight happened right next to him.

POI: We'll see what we can do ASAP, but the breezeway can't be an alternative.

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