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June 30, 2019

Present: Meiling, Paul (minutes), Serene, Lincoln, Richard, Barak, Russ

Meet and Greet

Heather (first meeting), Andre (first meeting, room)

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

Wiki Updates

To reflect quorum item and block override items that passed meeting of 6/16, the following were added to “House Consensus Process” page of the wiki:

added 1s, definition of quorum as 7 members Added “Quorum…” sentence to 5e.,

Added section 2i.I.Aii giving the ability of 90% of a meeting to override 2 blocking members

Wiki updates approved.

Agenda Item 1

(automatic) Coordinators meeting

Bookkeeper (Expenses): My report's in email already. People wanted more reports on grocery spending, but it's already in Ryan's pdf report.

POI: I like having more grocery info.

POI: Grocery has been under-budget for months now.

POI: People have requested meat and it's been rejected as too expensive.

Board Chair: Eventful month. Two meetings, two proposals for our CTAP project and board director changes. On the 9th those proposals passed at Sasona and were tabled at La Reunion. After a week of discussion we had a compromise proposal, and that passed both houses, so we have permission to go ahead. Elections for the new community board representatives will be through July 7th. Candidate information is on your door.

CQ: How much grant money are we getting?

POI: ROC negotiated a $150K loan. The vast majority of that is going to be staffing expenses.

Board Chair: We'll also be hiring for our staff member soon. Remember, any cooperative member is free to join any board meeting and chime in.

Bookkeeper (Income): I'm a little behind, getitng caught up. I'll be training the new bookkeeper tomorrow.

Steward: The election is finished. New officers will take position tomorrow. Lydia will be replacing me as Steward. Gatlin will be the new labor czar.

Maintenance: We have an issue with there being a long path for the hot water. At the end, there's almost no hot water. At the beginning it's really hot. I got some quotes to fix this by making it a circular flow. It would be ~$10-15K.

Maintenance: Electrician was talking about suggestions for a cheapish way for us to get ceiling lights. I'll send some proposals via email.

New business

Heather talks briefly about her cooperative study project, and will leave more information in the commons.

Probably some member reviews coming down the pipeline.

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