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May 5, 2019

Present: Paul (minutes, facilitator), Richard, Barak, Ryan

Meet and Greet


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Agenda not posted in time, so all tabled.

Agenda Item 5

(Hannah) 7:30 pm call Mary O'Hara for ROC-CTAP Q&A

Agenda Item 6

(Richard) Wipe Labor Holiday no-shows, reclassify holiday labor hours claimed as makeup labor.

Agenda Item 7

(Barak) Split Labor Czar into two positions, both worth 3 hrs of labor credit.

Labor “Planner”: Creates and posts labor schedule, corresponds with members on topics of preference/availability, plans labor holiday, edits labor descriptions, etc.

Labor “Monitor”: Verifies or no-shows all labor every week on the laminate labor schedule, records and publishes no-show data on a weekly basis, tracks makeup labor, forwards fine data to Treasurer, etc.

Both of these positions would ideally form a partnership and they would share information frequently.

New business

No new business.

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