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April 7, 2019

Present: Vaidy, Paul (minutes), Barak, Lydia, Richard (facilitator), Giselle

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Agenda Item 1

(Barak) Discussion item: there is a backlog of member reviews and no-shows in limbo. We should discuss how to proceed with the no-show records I've collected since January. Also, I propose to amend the house rules to make the language on no shows more clear and direct, but no votes should take place.

Barak: So I have a whole bunch of no-shows and no-show automatic member reviews. There was a bunch of controversy. I was still collecting no-shows but just not reporting them. Do we want to keep these no-shows and reviews or move on, or what?

Richard: I don't think we have a good reason to drop all the member reviews.

Barak: So how would everyone feel if starting in the beginning of April I start collecting data and posting member reviews again. Is that going to cause a huge problem?

Richard: I mean, people will complain, but deal with it. And be very vocal that people can rescind no-signature no-shows for the asking.

Barak: How can we make the rules clearer about this? Should the labor czar have responsibility to single-handedly no-show people? When I post no-shows regularly, like every week, member reviews start popping up very quickly.

Richard: If it can be resolved in 10 seconds, it shouldn't come to the house.

Barak: Sure. But people still have to be aware that they'll be getting triggered.

Clarifying question: A member-review is a pre-eviction?

POI: It can be. There are three options possible from a member-review: eviction, a behavior plan to not be evicted, or no action.

Barak: I have a problem with members not responding to inquiries. I can get better contacting people when they have a member review, physically and electronically, but I think the ways I've found of no-showing people are valid unless other people complain.

Clarifying question: How many member reviews are pending?

Barak: There are six last I checked, but that didn't happen.

New business

Labor holiday is next weekend! Make-up labor possible the 20th.

Barak: I'm going to be scheduling meetings to inform people about the CTAP project and associated ideas. There's potentially going to be ballot items about board expansion and candidates for those new spaces.

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