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March 31, 2019

Present: Paul (Facilitator), Vaidy, Burgess, Ramona, Barrack, Richard, Christian (Minutes)

Meet and Greet

Nobody new.

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved

Wiki Updates

No Updates

Agenda Item 1

Officer meeting

Paul (bookkeeper)

Late on late fees but they still went out

4 people on payment plans

Barrack (Labor)

After receiving feed back on no shows, not automatically no showing on non-signing

Vote for Chea members later this month

Expect No shows on April 15

Might need to decide to keep or remove the non-signed no shows

Richard (Maintenance)

Currently focusing on rats, caught 2 rats and a squirrel inside and have a few traps in various units.

Fixed some electrical issues, replacing a toilet, our electrician is looking for stadium lighting, waiting to hear from him.

Also, commons regenerator spontaneously working.

Offices not present for the meeting are required to send out their report by email.

New business


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