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February 17, 2019

Present: Barak, Christian(minutes), Corey, Paul, Yarrow(facilitator), Richard

Meet and Greet

Greet Bronte (not looking for membership, for school project)

Quang ( 2nd Meeting, accepted)

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Agenda Item 1

(Barak) All elected officers should report their weekly activities to the house by physically being present at Sunday meetings. If the officer in incapable of being present, they should choose another member to present a written officer report at the meeting on their behalf.

Labor – I thought of this a way to increase trust and feedback

Poi- So this would be a quadrupling of their reporting duties and

Labor- I feel historically that email has been less well received and this could have

Maintenance - currently we don’t have the report requirements are currently being enforced

Poi- would this be imposing sanctions the officers that

Labor – yes, and to have the steward to no show anyone not giving report

Maintenance – we already no show for the reports we have for the entire month

Labor – then I am just proposing to increase reports and to make them report in person

Maintenance – we need to enforce the current we current rule before increasing the responsibility

Labor – we correctly need more of an open

Poi we just changed the member review process and we have yet to see how that changes things and you also will just see generic responses

labor – that is what I want

Poi - I do think we need more accountability, but this will be an increase in work load

Labor this won’t be that much work

Poi I think we did have it more transparent but that was the office meetings, but people didn’t want to do that

Maintenance – I have a question what if stand in can’t come

Labor if they make a good faith effort then email is fine

Stewart – I think and officer meeting every single month would be good, needs a set schedule so that way it is possible to enforce the rules

Agenda Item 2

(Barak) Grounds and Maintenance Coordinators should provide the Labor Czar with an outline of tasks for their respective teams on a weekly basis. This is a way of guaranteeing that members of Maintenance and Grounds teams are earning labor credit they are granted by being a member of one of these teams.

Labor – it would be easier to coordinate if the grounds and maintenance communicator

Maintenance Point of info it is the current rules it is for grounds and maintenance to report to steward

Labor so you’re saying that they are this is in the rules?

Maintenance yes

Poi we can always say that ‘we are working on this thing this week’ because things change so we can have anything set in stone

Labor- what is the difference in expectations for each member’s hours?

Maintenance- The complexity and length of work

Steward- what was the problem this was trying to solve? That we don’t know what everyone is is doing

Labor yes

Vote on this item: Item does not pass

New business

Last Sunday of each moth to be designated as an office meeting with the agenda items closed, new members still open

New Outdoor lighting

Maintenance: I working on getting lights that are shielded from shining into member’s units and will illumine more of the outside

New election for grounds keeper as the position is currently open

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