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August 8, 2018

Present: Russ, Walter, Karen, Donny, Paul (minutes, facilitator), Richard, Yarrow, Serene

Meet and Greet

Andrew M (first meeting)

Review of Minutes


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Agenda Item 1

(Donny Goff) Discussion: plan a painting party in the next month. Think: an easier-to-organize and easy-to-participate labor holiday. Finish the remaining courtyard walls. Music and celebratory beverages a must.

Donny: Did you notice the nicely-painted new south facade of the courtyard? I think it would be great to paint the rest of the courtyard the same nice light-blue. Just two of us banged out one big wall in two hours. This “painting party” would be like an easy labor holiday - two paint teams, two-three people in each team, go at it. It could be an opportunity for make-up labor if we set a date. We could have fun doing it and make the place look better.

POI: I could get behind that.

Donny: Hannah is in support.

CQ: How does the money work? Events or maintenance?

Donny: Paint and supplies would come from maintenance, maybe we can buy party supplies.

CQ: When?

Donny: Well, if we solidify this now, we can come back with a more solid plan and date.

<no objections>

Agenda Item 2

(Supreme commander of the pandimensional armada) Hold a cooking competition!

No discussion because agenda item posted late (and also not attributed).

New business

Sasoonie: Laird Schaub is a renowned process consultant and co-op presenter, and I'd love to schedule one of his presentations at La Reunion as well as at Sasona. It'll be a couple hours. It's a consensus course which I completed recently, newly available in this part of the country. This weekend will be a small first step. Would La Reunion be comfortable hosting this on a Sunday afternoon? No cot necessary (he's staying at Sasona).

POI: Sounds positive.

POI: This guy has thought a LOT about this stuff. I think this would be valuable.

CQ: When would this be?

Sasoonie: Third weekend of November; that Sunday is Nov 18th.

CQ: Promotional material?

Sasoonie: There's a Facebook event. This would be the “third event” if nobody at La Reunion has an issue with it. I plan to distribute flyers closer to downtown with all the event information when it's coming up.

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