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July 25, 2018

Present: Karen, Serene, Paul (minutes, facilitator), Yvette, Russ, Rebecca, Ryan

Meet and Greet

Barbara (first meeting)

Review of Minutes


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Agenda Item 1

(Serene) I am a member of the Seed Preservation sub-committee with the newly forming Central Texas Seed Bank and we would like to meet at the co-op on Sunday July 29th 2pm – 3:30pm

I was hoping to use the commons and expect 5 to 7 people to show up. Maybe less but definitely not more.

Serene: Just asking for house approval to have some people over to discuss our plans, which I support and I'd love to contribute to. I'd love to show them around the space a little. Working with Austin Library, and we might get their card catalogs for seed storage. We're still examining other cities and looking at different models. It would be the first decentralized seed library open to the public in Austin.

POI: I've done work with Sustainable Food Center doing similar things.

Serene: We're not working directly with them. It's a good group of people though. This is actually a subcommittee on the actual nuts and bolts of the seed preservation. If you're interested you can come by the meeting.

<Steward didn't post the agenda to have a formal agenda item, but there are no objections in a straw poll.>

New business

Treasurer: I got the budget from the CHEA board representative, so we can start the re-budgeting process.

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