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July 11, 2018

Present: Rebecca(minutes), Chris, Nolan, Barak(facilitator), Gatlin, Yarrow, Russ, Serene, Richard

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Gatlin) Discuss

1. Allowing a NASCO Properties meeting in a common space on either the 21st or 22nd of July; and 2. Allowing some of the attendees to the NASCO Properties meeting to sleep in the commons space at La Reunion.

It would be at most fifteen people, and Sasona can take roughly half, so we would be hosting around 8 people.

A few members offered to host people in their own units as well.

Agenda Item 2

(Barak) Waive labor fines in light of Barak completing his make-up hours.

Barak: I was assigned maintenance labor and was expecting delegation from Richard but did not receive it and so accrued the fines. I have now completed make-up hours and in light of these facts would like my fines to be waived.

POI: Labor fines take a while to be put in place, when are these fines from?

Labor: There are 9 hours of no-shows beginning from January, with 1 hour of makeup labor from January forward, not including the 6 makeup hours that would go on the June labor report.

POI: If these fines are from no-shows previous to the mentioned maintenance hours, then I don't think any of the fines should be waived.

Barak: I am making up labor at the fastest rate I can and doing more than three hours with my officer position and would appreciate my fines being waived. I would do as much labor as it takes in order to not have to pay these fines.

Motion to waive Barak's fines of $100 contingent upon him doing 15 hours of labor in addition to the 4 hours of already assigned labor by the end of August.

In favor: 8

Opposed: 0

Abstaining: 1

Motion passes

New business

1. Burgess is in the hospital.

2. Threadable is no longer operating, we are moving to Google Groups. What should we name our group?

POI: “Members”

POI: Splitting the list into an “announcements” and “discussion” group might be helpful and perhaps have the announcements list not have replies.

3. Five member reviews have come of the most recent labor report.

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